The heat continues, and the FB saga continues

Not a lot of progress outside, today, and only partly because I went out this afternoon.

It’s past 5:30pm as I write this and, according the the weather apps, we’ve cooled down to around 27C/ 81F or 29C/84F, though we most certainly reached higher than 30C/86F today. The high predicted for today was “only” 27C/81F

When I got home, just a little while ago, I saw this reading.

Since we are no longer bringing the transplants indoors overnight, I’ve been leaving the sun room doors wide open, to keep it cooler. There’s a ceiling fan helping things out, too. The thermometer is reading 38C/100F, and it really did feel cooler in the sun room than outside!

We’ve been feeding the outside cats earlier in the evenings, so they can get the food before the racoons clean everything out at night (though a skunk or two will show up any time of day), so I did that after unloading the car by the house, then parking it in the garage.

I tried to get a picture of Adam, but he was camera shy, so I caught him as he was jumping off the cat shelter roof. (It may be hotter up there, but the skunks can’t climb to it.) I haven’t seen Driver in Ages, but Adam has been hanging around, and I’ve been trying to pet him. I’ve managed to touch him, but he really doesn’t like it and goes away to eat somewhere else.

The problem is, I’m starting to think Adam is female. With the long fur, it’s hard to be certain without being able to cop a feel, which none of us has been able to do, but I would expect to at least be able to tell if there are some boy parts under that fur.


Which means that two of the white and greys we were unsure about turned out to be female, and now the two remaining black and white’s that we thought were male are female (I was able to confirm with Decimous, but she has not allowed me to touch her, since that one day I was able to scritch her neck and ears). One of the grey tabbies we couldn’t get close to also turned out to be female.

We may be getting a lot of humidity with our heat, but still no rain. The predicted storms either never materialize in our area (my mother’s town got quite the deluge, though!), or the predictions get pushed back another day or two. It never really cools down during the night, either. I’m glad I got a deep watering done this morning, including the Korean pine planted in the outer yard. We’re getting no rain at all.

This afternoon I went to town to meet up with a friend from high school who is in the area for a few days. We ended up having lunch in the shade by the beach. It was so much more pleasant with that breeze coming off the lake! There were even a few sail boats out, and one brave soul in the water, which would still be quite cold this time of year. We had a fantastic visit – and I got to update her, in person, about what happened with my stolen Facebook account. My thief has recently changed my profile name, so at least people won’t be getting confused about that anymore. My profile picture also got changed; apparently, I’ve lost 30 years, about 150 pounds and now dress like a skank.

I’m still bashing my head on the wall with Facebook’s recovery process, which is just broken. oftne, literally. Of all the ways to try and recover my account, there is one that should actually accomplish it effectively. The steps are to first find my old account while logged out of any other accounts I might be using. Then, since I can’t log in using the thief’s email address, I select “try another way”. Then there’s a screen where I can say I cannot access the thief’s email address that is now associated with my original account. It then goes to a screen that explains they will ask for an email they can reach me at, send me a code to that email, then get me to submit proof of ID, which would be checked by a human, to recover my account.

The first time I went through this process, I got the code, but when it was time to confirm my ID, it went to a broken page. I’ve gone through processes that took me to that page many times, and it is usually broken.

Only once did I get to input my email, though. Now, when I get to that instructions page and hit next, it takes me straight to the “submit ID” part – which should be the last step, not the first. I’ve submitted my ID before, and the next page says to expect an email from them… but what email would they be using? I’m logged out of any account. I’ve told them I cannot access the email that shows up with the login for my original account. Would they still be contacting the thief’s account, anyway? I have no idea, because none of this seems to go through a human (even though this part is supposed to be done by both a program, and a real human).

So I continue to report my old account every day. I can’t report it as “imitating me” anymore, but I can report it as a fake account. And I know people still on my original friends list continue to report the scam posts the thief is making from my account. It’s rediculous.

It also makes it so hard to reconnect with people. They have every reason to ignore my friend requests (if I can even find them, or am able to send a request when I do) and the messages I try to send, explaining why they are getting a friend request from me. The friend I met with today told me she had been talking to other mutual friends about the strange posts coming from my account, and these are people I’d sent friend requests to. Requests that must have been declined, because when I find their pages again, I no longer have the option to send a friend request. Hopefully, now that my friend and I have been able to talk in person, she’ll be able to pass on to our mutual friends, which account is really me now. I was also able to explain to her exactly what happened that lead to my account being stolen, rather than hacked, because I did something stupid while distracted, and thinking I was helping a friend.

Facebook’s tech support is such a disaster.

I think scammers count on FB being so useless at recovering accounts, and users giving up because of it, rather quickly. From what I’ve hear from others who have lost their accounts, they basically just started new accounts and moved on after a very short time. I’m thinking that, at some point, I’m going to wear the system down and get some action taken – even if it’s to delete my old account, which would be preferable to having my thief using it to scam people! If it weren’t for that, I would have moved on from trying to recover my account, but… well… it’s not like I have a name that is shared by a lot, or even a few, other people. My married name is one of a kind. I’ve done curiosity searches on my name, and the only things that come up are directly related to me. So someone out there doing scams under my name is causing more direct harm to me than if I had a more common name.

What a pain.

Bah. Enough of that!

Time to go back to coping with this sticky, humid heat we’ve been under!

The Re-Farmer


I started my morning rounds early, to beat the heat, and decided to mow some of the lawn, while I could.

We can’t even use the clippings as mulch, as it’s so full of dandelion and Chinese Elm seeds.

The kittens were under the cat’s house. They were not happy with the noisy machine. One ran out and under the laundry platform. The mamas, weren’t happy, either, so I tried to get that area done as quickly as possible.

I did only the south lawns for now, but did make a point of mowing paths to the burn barrel and electricity meter.

This area has not been mowed at all, this year. I want to restore the rusted blade on the scythe and give it a good sharpening. At this point, it would probably be easier to scythe the grass in the outer yard, than mow it.

The grass was still quite wet and the ground still squelches, but there was no standing water, at least. I just had to frequently stop to unclog the expeller opening of wet grass.

The white rose in front of the sunroom is amazing! The honeysuckle are in full bloom, too, and even the dwarf Korean lilacs are starting to open. Right now, the yard is filled with the fragrance of roses. The pink rose even has loads of buds. Far more than we’ve seen on it before. It took 4 years, but we have got it growing again!

Nice to see some of our native pollinators out. Bumbles are my favourite. 💕

I don’t know that we’ll be able to finish mowing the inner yard today. We are still getting storm predictions, but they all seem to be missing us. We shall see. For now, I’m just happy to get as much done as we have!

The Re-Farmer

More Kittens, and hot stuff!

Butterscotch’s kittens came out to play again this morning.   Which, unfortunately, happened to also be at prime reflections-on-the-window time, so getting any decent photos as all was a challenge!

But, I did get a few. 😀

No sign of any cats at all right now, in the early evening.  I suspect they have all found ways to hide away to beat the heat!


37C = 98.6F
39C = 102.2F

Much to my surprise, we are no longer getting thunderstorm warnings.  Though, from what I hear, the city we moved away from got hit with a massive one this morning.  The weather system was moving in from that direction, so perhaps that’s why we are no longer predicted to get any.

After picking my younger daughter up from work, the girls and I swung by the grocery store and they picked up birthday cake and ice cream for me.  The ice cream is going to help beat the heat, too!

I will now go finish my bowl of ice cream before it turns into a bowl of creamy soup. 😀

The Re-Farmer