Foggy morning, and new kitty cuddles

We had another morning of very dense fog today. The photos do not do it justice!

The camera automatically cleaned up the images, but it was dense enough to shroud things I was standing next to – and it got thicker as I did my morning rounds!

What was interesting is that I was also surrounded by what sounded like the pitter patter of rain coming through the fog. It wasn’t rain, of course.

It was leaves. Falling leaves, hitting other leaves on the way down. Which I couldn’t see, because of the fog, until I was basically under a tree and had leaves falling around me!

The first thing I do when I head out in the morning it put kibble out in all the trays, which are full of cats and kittens by the time I get back in the yard after switching out the gate cam memory card. This sometimes gives me the opportunity to get close to, and maybe even pet, a less socialized kitty.

Or, in the case of one of Rosencrantz’s litter, pick it up!

While I was cuddling it, I got climbed like a tree by the two friendliest kitties.

The black and white one with the black splotch by its nose likes to just perch on my neck and shoulders. The grey and white tabby immediately starts licking my nose. The new kitty I was cuddling actually seemed to get more relaxed when the other two joined.

Getting my phone out of my pocket while juggling kittens to take this picture was rather challenging.

While I was cuddling, more of the white and grey kittens came out, as well as the one with the orange head (whose eye is getting better) and the tortie.

It took a moment for me to realize there was an extra white and grey kitten. One of the pump shack kittens had joined the bunch! It became easy to tell which one was the pump shack kitten when it slipped easily through the chain link fence to get to the kibble bowl under the shrine. Another white and grey did manage to squeeze though, but the others went around to where they can fit under the fence. 😄

I may not be able to touch them all, but at least they are more willing to come to the kibble bowl while I am standing nearby!

The Re-Farmer

Butticcus Spotticcus

Cheddar has a thing about invading my butt spots. Usually, he takes over my office chair. At night, he tends to jump onto the bed and WHOMP himself down against my butt. I’m so used to it, it doesn’t even wake me up anymore.

One morning, however, I found he was not alone!

Nosencrantz was managing to snuggle both our butts!

They seemed so perplexed that I got up.

The Re-Farmer

Tissue needs a tissue! :-D

I got some Tissue cuddles.

Not my usual feline cuddle partner, so I was really enjoying the snuggles.

Hard to believe this was a yard kitten that wouldn’t let us anywhere near her for the longest time! She still has some of her more feral habits, though, as you can tell by the scratches on her nose! This is a girl that stands her ground. 😀

The Re-Farmer

Morning cuddles

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a picture of Ginger!

Every morning and evening, at the sound of me getting my vitamins from my night stand, Ginger comes running for cuddles! This morning, I actually had a free hand to get a photo. 🙂

I don’t know why he has decided “pill bottle rattling” equals “time to cuddle the human”, but since it’s pretty much the only time he is so cuddly, I don’t mind at all!

The Re-Farmer