Appreciate the beeauty

Let's start by enjoying this lovely photo I was able to get this morning. There were two bees on this sunflower, busily pollinating! A nice, cheerful burst of sunshine. I feel like I need it right now. I had intended to use my mother's car to run some errands in town today, just to get … Continue reading Appreciate the beeauty


It was a hot day to be taking my mother for her medical appointment in a van with no air conditioning! It was already cooling down when I took the above screencap. 28C/82F, with the humidex bringing it to 35C/95F From the weather radar, I don't expect to get that predicted thunderstorm; it appears to … Continue reading Melting

A hint of what this August looks to be like

Today, the girls held down the fort while I headed out early to take my mother for a doctor's appointment - her first since things were just starting to shut down. Most appointments were being cancelled - thankfully, not hers - and they were only doing phone appointments. The clinic is still doing "walk ins" … Continue reading A hint of what this August looks to be like

Those plans went out the window…

Today started out normal enough. I did my rounds, as usual, including checking on the kittens. Beep Beep is getting more comfortable with leaving them to sleep while she gets some needed sustenance - and some cuddles! 🙂 I was just settling down to upload the trail cam files when I got a phone call … Continue reading Those plans went out the window…