Coping with the heat: building a screen “door”

Our current heat wave continues. At 5pm, we reached 28C/82F with a humidex of 34C/93F, and we continue to get warnings for heat, flash floods and high water. Looking at the weather radar, however, it doesn't look like the storms will hit us. We'll be lucky to get rain. Usually, these systems come in from … Continue reading Coping with the heat: building a screen “door”

More Lilac Wood, in progress

Our windy day continues! While we have a few millimeters of rain predicted for this evening, as I type this, I am hearing thunder rolling, and just saw a flash of lightning out my window! Here's hoping we don't loose power while I'm working on this post! 😀 I have continued working on the section … Continue reading More Lilac Wood, in progress

Gathering Data: future cheese cave?

Among the many things we are interested in doing in the future is making cheese. We already make yogurt cheese (see here and here) whenever we make yogurt, which can be used right away, but we're interested in making cheeses that need to be aged. Which requires a place to age them. Like a cheese … Continue reading Gathering Data: future cheese cave?