Happy Easter!

I hope that your day was full of joy and blessings. Our favourite tradition is our Easter basket. The traditional items include bread (I made a challah this year), eggs (half were pickled, half were coloured with beet juice), ham, sausage, cheese (goat cheese with herbs this year), horseradish (we purchased a spread this year, … Continue reading Happy Easter!

Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter!

I hope you all had a wonderful day today, even if you had to celebrate it in a different way than usual. This morning, the basket was assembled, and I found an English translation of the traditional Polish blessings of the contents (my Polish is not good enough anymore!). Then it was time to lay … Continue reading Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter!

Easter preparations and successful finds

I'm happy to say that I was able to deliver a little care package to my mother for her Easter. I called right after dropping off my daughter to see if she needed anything at the grocery store, but she was able to order everything she needed from the grocery store and have it delivered. … Continue reading Easter preparations and successful finds

Easter preparations: baking day and frozen ground

Today, while the girls continued to work on the basement (I have yet to go down to see their progress!), I worked on baking our Easter bread. Then, since I was baking anyway, I made some sourdough soda bread, and another double batch of what has become my usual standby, a basic bread recipe modified … Continue reading Easter preparations: baking day and frozen ground

Preparing for Easter, and an easier way to peel eggs!

One of the bonuses of our move to the farm I grew up on is that we could take part in a childhood tradition; the blessing of our Easter baskets. It was many moves and many years before we were able to find a Polish church that did basket blessings, and be able to take … Continue reading Preparing for Easter, and an easier way to peel eggs!


Today, we took our basket in for the traditional Easter blessing of the baskets, or Święconka, in Polish. This remains one of my favourite family traditions, and is beloved by many, with blessings happening today at the local Ukrainian church as well. Before we moved and were living in a city, we had found a … Continue reading Blessed