They are judging me!

Because I completely forgot I hadn’t made a post today!

I counted “only” nineteen outside, this morning.

It’s been an almost disorienting day today. The pain in my neck/shoulder area is actually making me feel kinda nauseous and a little bit dizzy. I wasn’t up to doing the third batch of lard. It can wait another day, in its semi-frozen state. Not much productivity for me today at all, and the day seemed to be gone before I knew it.

Time to pain killer up and go to bed!

The Re-Farmer

Getting better, and it’s a smol cat!

Yesterday, the entire family spent as much time as possible in bed, getting plenty of rest and fluids to get over our colds. I’m happy to say we’re all improved quite a bit today. Yesterday, I had to get the girls to do the morning cat feeding, but today, I was able to do it myself again.

Look what I found!

So smol!!!

This is one of the kittens from what had been the youngest litter until the bitties showed up. We’ve had some progress socializing them, though it’s hard to tell at times. There are so many white and grey kittens from two litters – eight, altogether – and they run around so much, it’s hard to keep track of them. I think this is one that has allowed me to pick it up before, but I’m not sure!

This morning, I did a head count and reached 27. Then I counted again and counted 28. I get a different number, every time I try to count heads! 😄

Yesterday, we were predicted to hit 4C/40F, but ended up reaching at least 5C/41F. Today, we’re supposed to reach a high of 3C/37F. My husband’s disability payments come in on the last business day of the month (private insurance) and third last business day of the month (CPP Disability). However, then those days fall on a Monday, as the CPP Disability has this month, it actually shows up in our account on Saturday. So we got his payment today. Normally, I would take advantage of that, and the warm temperatures, and head into the city to do our first big stock up shop for the month. However, when I was cleaning out the ground floor litter boxes this morning (we were behind on that, with everyone being sick!), I actually broke into a sweat. So while I’m feeling a lot better today, I’m still weak as a kitten (a smol kitten!), and definitely not well enough to drive to the city. We’ll see how things are over the next couple of days. I hope I can make the trip tomorrow, because the forecast for the day after says to expect snow showers. I’d really prefer not to be driving on that. More because I don’t trust other drivers! 😁

So today is going to be another quiet day of focusing on recovery.

The Re-Farmer


Last night, I got horribly ill for some reason. I have no idea what triggered it, but it was very painful and unpleasant. I spent most of the night in the bathroom, unsure which end of me was about to explode.

Thankfully, whatever it was responded to some good ol’ Pepto, and I finally got some sleep. I woke up to this.

Nosencrantz had actually been lying on her back, paws in the air, but moved when I managed to reach my phone to get a picture.

She kept trying to cuddle me throughout the night. Such a sweetie! It’s too bad I had to move her every time I had to get up! I like to think she was trying to make me feel better. 😊 Now that I’m up and about, she’s ignoring me. 🤣

Whatever it was that hit me, I haven’t completely recovered. I feel weak as a kitten right now, get dizzy easily, and have been very nervous about eating anything. The girls were sweet and took over most of my morning routine for me, but it sounds like one of them is now not feeling well, either. It’s not whatever hit me, though.

We finally have a day where it’s not too hot to work outside, and here I am, unable to do the manual labour I want to do! *sigh*

The Re-Farmer