Flavored Salts: gift jars

Today, I finished up the sets of gift jars filled with the flavored salts we'd made earlier.  I found the most adorable mini mason jar mugs to use. Using 2 cups of Kosher salt to make these, I was able to fill three mini jars in each flavor, and have some left over for our … Continue reading Flavored Salts: gift jars

Flavored Salts: Bacon

Though I made five different flavored salts at once, I will be doing a post for each flavor separately. Bacon Salt Ingredients: 1 package thin cut bacon, cooked, cooled and crumbled2 cups Kosher salt Also needed: food processor, coffee/spice grindersmall rubber spatulajar with lid, large enough to have room to shake the salt, or a … Continue reading Flavored Salts: Bacon