In the garden, and critters not in the garden

Well, we seem to be back to having all the rain systems passing us by again. We are a bit cooler - as I write this, we are at "only" 26C/79F - but our humidex puts us at 33C/91F. Which I suppose helps, as we didn't need to water the garden at all, yesterday. I … Continue reading In the garden, and critters not in the garden

Smoked out

Today, we finally have cooler temperatures! According to the hourly forecasts, we should be at about 23C/73F right now, but we're still at only 18C/64F, which is awesome. There are still predictions of rain, all of which have been passing south of us. We desperately need rain. I've been reading about how it's affecting some … Continue reading Smoked out

Our 2021 garden; new seedlings – plus critters

Today, with repeated warnings for thunderstorms, and even the sound of thunder in the distance, we got only a smattering of rain this afternoon. Barely enough to get the ground a bit wet. 😦 At least we're a couple of degrees cooler than forecast. With the conditions we've had this year, our Rural Municipality officially … Continue reading Our 2021 garden; new seedlings – plus critters

Kibble house and other progress

Today was our day to head into the city for out monthly shop, so my morning rounds were a bit earlier than usual. Which seems to confuse the outside cats! 😀 Yesterday evening, when things started to cool down, my younger daughter was a sweetheart and crawled around inside the upside down kibble house, to … Continue reading Kibble house and other progress