Morning in the garden

We had another very foggy morning, so I didn't head out to do my rounds, then into the garden to do a bit of harvesting, until later. It has been a few days since I picked anything. With the colder overnight temperatures, things are not ripening as quickly. Though the forecast was for overnight temperatures … Continue reading Morning in the garden

Well, I got that backwards!

You know, it's a good thing that we labelled the things we planted in the garden beds, and left those labels there. Because apparently, my memory sucks. For the past while, I've been posting photos of our sunflower seed heads. Particularly the Mongolian Giant sunflowers. The transplanted ones are much taller and stronger, and further … Continue reading Well, I got that backwards!

Our 2021 garden; more firsts – and SO many kittens!

While heading out to do my evening rounds yesterday, I topped up the cat kibble - and got invaded by kittens! There is only one adult cat in the kibble house in the above photo, plus Rosencrantz and her two are at their private dining area under the shrine. All three litters of kittens were … Continue reading Our 2021 garden; more firsts – and SO many kittens!

Our 2021 garden: first bloom!

This is so very late in the season, but it finally happened. Our first Hopi Black Dye sunflower seed head is opening! When the seeds we'd started indoors neglected to germinate until after we'd already direct seeded outside, there was just one for a while. That one got transplanted into the old kitchen garden, and … Continue reading Our 2021 garden: first bloom!