So Awesome!

I have the best brother. He's just so awesome. I had emailed him to keep him up to date with how things went yesterday, with the new baby snow blower. As we were emailing back and forth, he told me that he had found the carburetor needed for the old snow blower - which I … Continue reading So Awesome!

Dramatic skies, and apple tree down

Yesterday, after picking my daughter up from work, the girls and I went straight to visit my awesome, amazing older brother and his wife for the evening. The storm warnings had returned, but the skies were clear at the time, if incredibly windy all day.  The winds died down enough that we were able to … Continue reading Dramatic skies, and apple tree down

I’m so thrilled!!!

My older brother and his wife are the best. Awesome.  Amazing.  Fantastic.  Fabulous.  Wonderful. They came over for a visit today, and brought me an "early birthday gift." AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually started crying, when I saw them pull up with the trailer, and this was on the back. They bought us a riding mower.  Fully … Continue reading I’m so thrilled!!!