First, I must apologize. I didn't get a single kitten picture today, to share with you! I never had the chance. I did visit the kittens, of course. One of the first things I do in the morning is head down there with fresh water for them. When I opened the basement door, Beep Beep … Continue reading Productive

Kitten fix, and this is going to be another odd day

First up, here are your smiles for the day! I wasn't able to get decent kitten pictures this morning, so here are some from last night. I picked up some wet cat food, just for Beep Beep and the kittens, and they were in heaven! Leyendecker is an enthusiastic eater, while the others are still … Continue reading Kitten fix, and this is going to be another odd day

Feathery friend, and progress

I had a nice surprise on my morning rounds today. 🙂 It was just standing there, watching me! I got some video as I went past. I'm still in the process of uploading it, but the embedded link below should work once that's done. Grouse, I've noticed, are not the brightest birds. I headed … Continue reading Feathery friend, and progress