Spoon carving progress

Today, I got some really good progress on my practice carving, using the spoon blank that came with my carving kit. Also, the basement is nice and cool. 🙂 I was down to cutting the last few divots out of the morel mushroom on the end of the spoon, so that didn't take long. I … Continue reading Spoon carving progress

Mead Baby 2.0: boosting fermentation

For those who have recently started to follow this blog (welcome!), here are the previous posts about our second attempt to make mead. All links should open in new tabs, so you won't lose track of this page. 🙂 Mead Baby, redux (includes links to our first attempt)Mead Baby 2.0: - active fermentation- it's a … Continue reading Mead Baby 2.0: boosting fermentation