When I got back from the city with our new washing machine, I just had to go around back to see how the painting went for the girls. The first coat of paint is done! You know, when I first picked up this shade, I was afraid that once it was on large surfaces like … Continue reading Blue

Picnic table progress: painting started

While the tech was here to try and figure out why our secondary internet account wasn't working (more about that on another post), my daughter and I got started on the scrubbed and fully dry picnic table. First, we set up her tent! Once we moved it over the table, she got the paint ready … Continue reading Picnic table progress: painting started

Progress: sun room door and garden stuff

I got a little reminder today, of why I need to start using the sun room as a greenhouse. The cats have already knocked the mini-greenhouse over once, and despite our best efforts at making sure the bottom of the plastic is pushed under the frame, the cats are determined to get in. Especially Susan! … Continue reading Progress: sun room door and garden stuff

Gate posts: progress – first coat of paint done

Yesterday, we went into the city for the last of our Costco shopping. In the process, I swung by a Canadian Tire and picked up the cleaner my brother recommended to get rid of all the lubricant used to get the old hing pins off. Gotta love all those warnings. EXTREME DANGERVERY FLAMMABLE, POISON, IRRITANT … Continue reading Gate posts: progress – first coat of paint done

I love it!

Yesterday evening, my older daughter told me I needed to go check out my rocks. After some initial confusion, having already completely forgotten that I'd spray painted some rocks in the yard bright orange, I went and took a look. Then squealed with glee. Somewhere in between cleaning the eaves and working on various other … Continue reading I love it!