Painting the kibble house: first coat

Oh, I am so glad I got that gazebo tent! Today, I finally started painting the kibble house. The temperatures were pretty warm. It is "only" 22C/70F as I write this, but after today, we're supposed to get hit with another heat wave over the next week, peaking at 34C/93F, so I'm glad to get … Continue reading Painting the kibble house: first coat

Picnic table progress: painting started

While the tech was here to try and figure out why our secondary internet account wasn't working (more about that on another post), my daughter and I got started on the scrubbed and fully dry picnic table. First, we set up her tent! Once we moved it over the table, she got the paint ready … Continue reading Picnic table progress: painting started

Progress: sun room door and garden stuff

I got a little reminder today, of why I need to start using the sun room as a greenhouse. The cats have already knocked the mini-greenhouse over once, and despite our best efforts at making sure the bottom of the plastic is pushed under the frame, the cats are determined to get in. Especially Susan! … Continue reading Progress: sun room door and garden stuff