Critter of the Day: I know there’s food here, somewhere!

We started leaving food out for Junk Pile Kitten and his mom beside the junk pile, since the other cats crowd around the food bowls by the house, and sometimes chase them away.

Then the other cats discovered we leave food there.

In fact, it’s now become routine for the other kittens to follow me as I put food out, ignoring the food by the house and eating the food being left at the junk pile.

I’ve taken to leaving little piles of food on the ground beside the bowl, and even on the log I’ve set up as a seat. I started doing the same thing by the pump shack, too, since not only have some of the kittens started following me there, so do Butterscotch and Beep Beep!

Critter of the Day: bird watching

Hello, September!

After going through August’s photos of our feeding station, I found we didn’t actually take very many photos that month. I ended up with only a week’s worth of critter of the day pictures worth posting, mostly of cats.

Since I skipped at least one month’s worth of photos entirely in the spring, this will give me an opportunity to go through them.

And so, for the first day of September, I bring you a photo from the first day of August.

Susan is busy watching the birds in the platform feeder above her head. 😀

The Re-Farmer