What happened to that tail?!

After yesterday’s gorgeous temperatures, doing my rounds this morning was feeling downright brutal. As I write this, we’re still at -22C/-8C, with a wind chill of -31C/-24F. I was more than happy to be back inside and checking the trail cam files.

Where I found this.

What on earth?

I tried zooming in on the full size image, but it’s just too grainy to tell. Normally, I’d say burrs, but find it strange that burrs would be all caught up just on her tail like that. I’d expect them to be more spread out. I suppose another possibility is her fecal matter somehow getting stuck, but that doesn’t seem right, either. They lift their tails well clear for that to be a possibility. Plus, some of the pieces look the wrong shape and size for that.

Very odd.

Whatever it is, I hope she’s able to get it off!

The Re-Farmer


Yesterday, I mentioned that I’d spooked our visiting piebald deer in the yard. I had been unable to get a picture, but it turns out, we got a decent shot of her making her way towards our place, on one of the trail cams.

That old trail cam takes some pretty decent pictures.

I’d left some roasted squash in the compost pile for her yesterday, and today there was no sign of them at all. I hope that means she got a nice meal out of it!

The Re-Farmer

Still visiting!

We’ve had a very quiet day at home today, catching up around the house and being very domestic.

Because of the racoons damaging things and eating everything up, we have not been putting out deer feed or bird seed this winter. I do still see tracks in the snow when I do my rounds, but not very many. We have, however, been getting one regular visitor.

This piebald deer has been visiting us every winter that we’ve lived here, making this the sixth winter of her visiting us! This video is from a few days ago, but yesterday, we spotted her in the yard, making her way to the compost pile. I’ve also been seeing deer tracks around the cat shelters, which tells me she – or some other deer – has been going for the kibble and water, too.

This morning, as I headed out, I heard a familiar huffing noise and looked up in time to see the piebald, half was up the path to the compost pile, leaping away.

We happened to have some roasted squash in the fridge. It was meant for something else and had no seasonings on it, but I decided to put it on the compost pile for our visitor to eat!

It’s getting that time of year when it’s harder for the wild critters to find food, so I’ve got no problem setting out some extra food for them, if we have it.

The Re-Farmer

Critter of the Day: the lady and her friends

We were able to get a whole bunch of photos of the piebald deer that started visiting us last year.


She tends to show up with several other deer.


The day these were taken, there were 6 deer, altogether.


Yes!!! I got a tongue blep! 😀


She is such a beauty!


Though she shows up with a herd, we have been able to identify the deer with her here as her offspring.

From what I can tell, the group is three does with their offspring. Whether they are a herd, or if they just happen to show up for some free food at the same time, I am not sure.

It would be awesome if she became one of our regular visitors!

Bonus Critter: return visitor

There was a nice little surprise out our living room window this morning. We had a group of 5 deer out there – and one distinctive lady is a return visitor from last winter!


It’s entirely possible other deer that have been visiting us are returns from last winter, but few are distinctive enough to recognize, a year later. This one, with its piebald markings, is one of those few. She was part of a group of 3 deer. The other deer in the photo is part of a group of 2 that are regular visitors.

I hoped the piebald would come back! 🙂

Still on the lookout for a deer missing its tail. 😀

A New Furry Friend! Plus techie updates

This morning, I had an appointment with my cousin, who had replaced the water pump on my van a while back.  That would be the one that the garage is saying needs to be replaced, and that it was loose.

The water pump is fine.  And if it weren’t, it’s still under warranty, and he’d be fixing it, at his own cost.

Also, that small coolant leak?

Has stopped leaking.  This one, I saw leaking myself.  I guess it just needed some time after work was done.

I told him about what had been happening with the coolant, getting the thermostat changed, then discovering the coolant had been leaking out the back.  He commented that it was too bad they’d changed the thermostat – but it still might have needed to be changed, considering the age of the vehicle.

Everything checked out fine.  My alternator is making a slight whining noise.  He told me that I only needed to be concerned if it started to get louder.  Which might not happen for a year, even.  It would be an expensive job to do, because of how difficult it is to get to, so there’s no point in doing it now.

I also asked him about the stalling problem.  When we first start the vehicle, it sometimes stalls right away.  I start it again, while giving it a bit of gas, and it’s fine.  He talked to me about the sensor and how, on starting, the onboard computer checks all the sensors.  It could just be reading a lack of oxygen or something, but if I just give it a bit of gas while starting it, it should be fine.  Nothing wrong; just a bit inconvenient.  Replacing the sensor would be very expensive.

His recommendation?  Change nothing.  If there’s a problem with the water pump, which he can’t find, he will change it, at no cost to me.  There is nothing to prevent us from taking longer trips, like going to the city and back.  Not that we can do that, since our budget has been completely blown by all the work done on the van, but it’s a relief, to be sure.

I’m going to have to have a talk with the garage about that water pump recommendation.

As I was typing this, my husband just updated me.  We got a notice in the mail from our satellite internet provider.  They have access to a new satellite, which can offer increased upload and download speeds and less stuttering in service.  There is also the option to upgrade plans with higher data.  Which we don’t need right now, since we got two accounts to get the higher data that we do have.  I don’t mind that too much, since one of the accounts will be something my daughter can claim on her taxes next year.

In about a week, we’ll get a call from a technician to come over and align the satellite dishes to the new satellite.

So that’ll be nice.

After I got home from getting the van checked, I was in my crochet corner, working on a new basket, when I noticed Hungry Girl coming up to the feed.  And oh, look – there’s Barbecue over by the trees.

No.  That’s Barbecue coming up now…

They brought a new friend with them!

A strange new friend…


My first thought was that was an odd sun dappling pattern.

Where there is no sun to dapple.

Wait a minute…


Sure enough, it turned out to be a piebald deer!


Clearly, a deer they were completely comfortable with.  There was no animosity of any kind, like we see when Mama and the Twins or Detail and her boy come by.


There’s even a little big of it on her other side.

What a remarkable looking deer!  I’ve never seen anything like this before.  I’ve seen photos of albino deer, but that’s it.

Eventually, they left because of the cats.  I hope the new one comes back!  We’re thinking of calling her Patches. 😀

The Re-Farmer