I guess I spoke too soon!

I'd posted about being able to get our blocked pipe to the septic tank open, at least enough for things to finally drain. I thought we would be good for a while. I was wrong. Things were fine, at first. I got my shower in, no problem. Then my daughters took their showers. By the … Continue reading I guess I spoke too soon!

A little bit of progress

First, the cute stuff! Beep Beep is such a good mama! The kittens have taken to napping under the couch regularly. Beep Beep can just barely squeeze under there, herself. A little while ago, my daughter saw her squeeze part way there, then start wiggling oddly. Moments later, some sleepy kitties came out. She then … Continue reading A little bit of progress

Well, that sucks… and why is that there?

Not too long ago, I wrote about my daughters installing a new kitchen faucet. One of the issues was, we have no shut off valves. There is one main shut off valve that shuts off water to the entire house. Today, that became a problem. One of my daughters had gone into the basement to … Continue reading Well, that sucks… and why is that there?

Well, today has been an adventure (updated)

We've had a steady rain, all day today.  A perfect day to be indoors, with a hot cup of tea. But nooo...  That would be too easy! Late in the morning, as the girls were heading upstairs, they discovered water. The bathroom floor had water all around the toilet, and with our uneven flooring, it … Continue reading Well, today has been an adventure (updated)