Critter(s) of the Day: many bird visitors

There was one day in June when we got so many birds visiting at once. Especially goldfinches. It was really hard to choose photos for critter of the day!

My older brother had given my parents hanging bird feeders as gifts, years ago. The church one was for my mother, and the barn was for my late father. For some reason, my mom took the barn one with her when she moved off the farm, leaving the church one with my dad. She had been using is as a garden decoration, so when she wanted to take it in for the winter, but had no space for it, I had no problem agreeing when she asked me to bring it back to the farm.

This way, when one is empty, we can just switch them out.

The red barn matches the purple finches very well! 😀

Critter of the Day: purple peeker

Purple finches, from early May, taken when the bird feeder was moved right up to the living room window.

Peek-a-boo! I see you!

Getting photos while the feeder was moved by the window when the trees were cleared from the roof has made me seriously consider moving it closer on a more permanent basis. If it wasn’t a higher traffic pathway, I would have done that right from the start. The lilac the purple finch is on in the photo on the right is about the same distance from the house as the feeder is, during the summer, so the zoom lens does make up for it rather well.

A bit blustery out there!

First up, here are a couple of bird photos for you to enjoy. 🙂

My husband got this purple finch at the feeder not long ago.


And I finally got a blue jay picture!


The blue jays have a habit of taking off before I can get to the camera, so these days, it’s a challenge to get any pictures of them at all.

This was another indoor day, for the most part.  There were plenty of storm warnings for the southern province which, for us, translated to rain early in the morning, and now high winds.  I had to go into town to pick up some prescription refills, and made a point of checking the yard out before I left.  There were a few downs branches that were of little concern.  In the areas of the maple grove I haven’t cleaned yet, I found myself looking at some branches and wondering, is that new?  Or what that already there?

About the only good thing right now is the wind direction.  If one of the trees by the house does come down, it’ll be fall away from the roof, instead of on it.  Though, looking out my window at the trees behind the storage house, it’s the opposite.  At least that building is empty and has no power.

Speaking of which…

The second tree care company came by on Monday, and I got the estimate emailed to me last night.  It’s basically the same as the first company; $1500.  Looking over our budget (barring any unexpected expenses), we should be able to get it done in November.  Choosing the company is going to be a bit more difficult; they’re pretty equal in every tangible sense.  One also does yard work and landscaping, which I would want to keep in mind for the future.  The other does trees and nothing else.

So we have some talking to do and a decision to make.  I’m just glad it’s something we can get done before winter, instead of waiting until spring.  Though if we get some sort of cash infusion (like the shares the housing co-op we moved away from still owes us!), it would be good to get it done earlier.

The Re-Farmer