Brownies, with recipe

Along with the sourdough batter bread my daughters made today, they also made brownies! I wasn't there to take pictures as they made it, but here is their recipe. I didn't realize until I uploaded the picture that there's flour covering some of it. That reads "1 1/4" for the white sugar. 🙂 For the … Continue reading Brownies, with recipe

Sourdough “Batter” Bread, with recipe

Today my daughters did the baking, starting with a sourdough "batter" bread. There's a reason the word batter is in quotations... The girls have been finding recipes they like and, after trying them out, adding them to a notebook with any modifications or adjustments they've come up with. Like this... I love the little doodles! … Continue reading Sourdough “Batter” Bread, with recipe

Historical recipe: one recipe, two products

One of my long time interests is experimenting with historical cooking. I say experimenting, because it's not unusual for these recipes to include ingredients that are no longer available, hard to find, unknown or even extinct. Plus, they often don't include a lot of information, either because it was assumed the reader already understood what … Continue reading Historical recipe: one recipe, two products

Step-by-step: making fermented vegetables

The following is based on the recipe for sauerkraut that I got from my friend who, in turn, modified it from a recipe she found through Dr. Mercola. As with the sauerkraut I wrote about yesterday, this is something I've never made before, so it's a total experiment. Here are the ingredients. The recipe I … Continue reading Step-by-step: making fermented vegetables

Recipe: Roasted Chickpeas

Here is a really easy recipe for a healthy snack to satisfy those cravings for something crunchy! Roasted, Seasoned Chickpeas Ingredients: canned chick peasolive oilseasonings to taste I have found that a 9x13 baking tray fits 2 cans of chickpeas in a single layer very well. Instructions: Turn oven to 400F. Drain the chickpeas into … Continue reading Recipe: Roasted Chickpeas

Cracker Toffee with Bacon Salt

A super easy and quick recipe to share with you today. Warning: these are amazingly addictive! 😀 This recipe takes something I don't normally like - chewy toffee - and turns it into a delectable treat (that doesn't stick to my teeth!). Using semi-sweet dark chocolate chips and unsalted crackers helps keep the sweet and … Continue reading Cracker Toffee with Bacon Salt

Flavored Salts: Bacon

Though I made five different flavored salts at once, I will be doing a post for each flavor separately. Bacon Salt Ingredients: 1 package thin cut bacon, cooked, cooled and crumbled2 cups Kosher salt Also needed: food processor, coffee/spice grindersmall rubber spatulajar with lid, large enough to have room to shake the salt, or a … Continue reading Flavored Salts: Bacon