This past Sunday, the weather was mild enough that I was able to spend some time on the beach.

It was really fascinating.

The sand was frozen solid, but you could see the effects of water and ice. One dramatic visual was at the outflow for storm drains.

At the time I was there, the tide was still going out. There was ample evidence of how high it had gotten.

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Bonus pictures: a pebble’s eye view

I was in town this morning, and had the chance to visit the beach. Since I was last there, the town has pushed all the rocks and pebbles that the storm had pushed across the entry onto the main dock back onto the beach.

The beach is still very changed in this area, from before the storm. Much of the organic debris has been washed away, but the big rocks next to the dock itself are completely covered with sand. There is no sign that they are there at all!

With every tide, a new sand ridge is created in the area, though.

Where I took this photo, the ridge was probably about 8 inches high.

New layers of pebbles are slowly being washed back onto the water’s edge. So many colours and textures! I just love it. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

Morning on the beach

I was able to swing by the beach after dropping my daughter off at work.

What a glorious morning!

I love these marks the waves left behind, as the tide receded.

Those squiggly whiter lines are tiny ridges of sand, left behind by waves.

The rocky part of the beach is always so much more interesting than the sandy parts!

You never know what you might find, too.

Unfortunately all the pictures I took focused on my dash in the background, instead of this amazing rib bone I found. The size of the fish this belonged to must have been impressive!

Yes, I kept it – for my other daughter’s collection.

The Re-Farmer

Windy Beach

One of the bonuses of dropping my daughter off at work for an early shift is taking a quick stop at the beach before heading home.

It was very windy off the lake today, making for some awesome waves!


As I parked, I could see a guy struggling through the waves near the water line, carrying an oar and dragging what I at first thought was a kayak.


Passing him on the sand a few minutes later, as he fought the wind to put it on its wheeled carrier, I saw it looked more like a surf board.  So I’m guessing it was a paddle board.


The combination of the lake’s size and how shallow it is, makes it one of the more dangerous lakes to sail on in rough weather.  Today wasn’t too bad for boats, but I would not have dared go out there on a paddle board in these conditions!

It sure is beautiful, though.

The Re-Farmer