Alaska Sourdough Hotcakes: comparison

These are the hotcakes I made yesterday. This is what I did with Sir Sour Alot last night. Today, I made more hotcakes, using the transformed Sir Sour Alot.  These are the results. First up, this is what Sir Sour Alot looked like, after a night in the oven with the light on. This is … Continue reading Alaska Sourdough Hotcakes: comparison

Almost Alaska Sourdough Hotcakes

I say almost, because I don't have an Alaska sourdough starter. Yet. I will be working on that later today, and when it is ready, I will make another batch to compare. Basic Sourdough Hotcakes (adapted from Alaska Sourdough) Note: make sure the mixing bowl you use has enough room for the batter to expand. … Continue reading Almost Alaska Sourdough Hotcakes