Garden rain barrel; redux

With yesterday's rain, it wasn't until today that the rain barrel set up by the squash beds was dry enough to try patching again. The silicon sealant is white, and so is the Plasti Dip spray, so it's hard to see! Especially after I spread the sealant into the cracks. Hopefully, this will do the … Continue reading Garden rain barrel; redux

Evening walkabout and… that makes six

Well, today's trip into the city turned out to be decidedly unpleasant. We usually plan the order of stores we go to around whether or not we're getting fresh or frozen food. Which means Walmart is usually the first stop (after having breakfast or lunch somewhere) and Costco the last. Today, our first stop was … Continue reading Evening walkabout and… that makes six

Water, water, everywhere, and in recovery

Doing my rounds this morning is, for the most part, getting easier as the snow melts. There are just a couple of shaded areas where sheets of ice and formerly hard-packed snow suddenly giving way under my feet, have made walking somewhat more dangerous! It also means that, while the water between the house and … Continue reading Water, water, everywhere, and in recovery

Photo(s) of the Day: water cats

Before things started to stay below freezing, I was able to give the bird bath a thorough scrubbing and add a bit of water. Which froze overnight, so I added more in the morning. The cats just can't get enough of that. Here, the top layer has frozen, so there are bubbles moving underneath that … Continue reading Photo(s) of the Day: water cats


As the weather has gotten colder, seasonal changes are happening to our morning routine. With the outside taps now closed for the winter, and water starting to freeze, we are back to bringing out a pitcher of warm water to refill the cat bowls outside. With the bird bath now moved next to the bird … Continue reading Water