What the heck?

Now, this was a strange thing to see outside or living room window! Broccoli and Caramel weren't just chillin' with the grog. They were eating, too. I think they may actually have been eating the sunflower seeds! The only other things there are grass and leaves, and I know they weren't eating those. So very … Continue reading What the heck?

Caught and confirmed! Plus, more critter damage

It took moving the garden cam a few times, but I finally managed it. I caught him in the act. It is confirmed that the woodchuck is eating our peas plants. The green peas are completely shot this year. Between the heat, the dryness, the poor soil and Woody here, eating them, they're toast. I … Continue reading Caught and confirmed! Plus, more critter damage

Smoked out

Today, we finally have cooler temperatures! According to the hourly forecasts, we should be at about 23C/73F right now, but we're still at only 18C/64F, which is awesome. There are still predictions of rain, all of which have been passing south of us. We desperately need rain. I've been reading about how it's affecting some … Continue reading Smoked out