Our 2021 garden: morning harvest

Oh, my goodness, what a difference a single day of good rain makes! No amount of watering with the hose can compete. While we have been able to pick a Spoon tomato or two, every few days (there were three ripe ones yesterday, that my brother and his wife to go try. 🙂 ), the … Continue reading Our 2021 garden: morning harvest

Critter battle update, a mini harvest, and we’re getting poppies!

First, a bit of a follow up from yesterday. After blocking the woodchuck holes by the house and in the old garden area, I headed out a few times to check on the one by the house. Twice, I found things disturbed! This picture was taken after the second time I found it dug up. … Continue reading Critter battle update, a mini harvest, and we’re getting poppies!

What shall I do with you, today?

Zucchini and sunburst squash I gathered this morning. Yesterday, I made a sort of hash, first browning potatoes, cubed small, in butter, then adding leek and frying until softened. I cubed sunburst squash, a green zucchini and a grey squash (the lighter coloured, kinda striped, kind of zucchini; our grocery stores label them as grey … Continue reading What shall I do with you, today?


With all the lovely rain we had yesterday, I could see the squash really appreciated it! This is one of the recovering squashes that recovered after frost damage to our first transplants. We've got baby yellow zucchini! This is the first of the summer surprise squash mix that we can actually see what it is. … Continue reading Yellow