The Things We Find – outside

As I trudged through the snow around our yard, there were a number of times I found myself pausing and just wondering... Why? Why is this here?  How did it get here?  What purpose did this serve? And I have no answers. Like a post turtle.  You know it didn't get there by itself, you … Continue reading The Things We Find – outside

Outside Kitties and… oh, no.

Today warmed up considerably, so I took the time to tromp around outside and check things out - posts about that, to follow. In the process, I got to visit some of the friendlier outside cats...   and...touch the Butterscotch. Butterscotch has been one of the more stand-offish of the outside cats, and usually stays … Continue reading Outside Kitties and… oh, no.

Out Our Window this Morning

Things got busy quite early this morning. 🙂 After putting out more feed, the grosbeaks, redpolls and chickadees were in in full force. Then they all disappeared, en masse. Why? Hmmm.  Could be the big orange Rolando Moon that came sauntering by. Followed by Nasty Crime Boy. Then Beep Beep. Butterscotch came by, too.  For … Continue reading Out Our Window this Morning

Daily Deer, and marking an achievement

Getting any photos of Hungry Girl and Barbecue this morning was more difficult than usual.  They were extremely nervous today, but I couldn't see why. There was also the issue of glare on the window, which you can see some of in the picture. Partly, I'm sure there must have been some cats going along … Continue reading Daily Deer, and marking an achievement

And now for something more pleasant

Critter pictures.  Great for de-stressing. I didn't get any photos of deer today.  In fact, the only time I saw them was when I scared them off, returning from one of my outings today.  I just caught the sight of a flashing white tail, disappearing around the house. My husband sees them more, when the … Continue reading And now for something more pleasant