Strange New Bird

My husband called attention to a strange new bird in a spruce tree…

Can you see it?

Look closely…

Can’t see it?  That’s okay.  She moved to a more visible spot.

Butterscotch, looking very comfortable.

Yes, that’s Butterscotch, up in the spruce tree.  Quite settled in!

Since this photo was taken, however, she has made like she wanted to get down, but seemed to be having difficulties.  So my daughters went out with a ladder to help her down, but she just went off out of reach and just sat there, looking at them.

They’ve left the ladder on the tree for now.

Meanwhile, we have some more familiar birds to look at.



The redpolls were very co-operative today in posing for me in the bush.


Blue Jay

We had 4 blue jays, bullying each other for the piles of seeds.  This one looks like he’s mocking the ones he just chased off. 😀

The Re-Farmer

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