Critter of the Day: sharing space

Some more photos from January.


I don’t really think of the grosbeaks as a particularly large bird, compared to some of the others around, but they sure look pretty big when with those little redpolls! 🙂

Well, most of my plans panned out

Today was going to be a day of out and about-ing, so I made sure to do the rounds a bit earlier this morning.

A quick glance out the bathroom window showed me that Slick was already waiting for breakfast. 😀


As I came out with their food and warm water, I found Nicky the Nose making his way out the door, while Slick slunk under the blankets and benches.

Part of my usual routine these days is to turn the electric heating pad back on for another 2 hours, while doing the cats’ food and water, then doing the deer and bird feed.

I came back to this.

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Bonus Critters of the Day: best friends

I just went over some photos from the DSLR and found more worth posting for the critters of the day. These go back to the second half of January, and I will be posting them over the next few days.

Since today is Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d post these photos taken by my daughter.

These two just loved to be together – no matter how awkward that might be!

We really didn’t want to bring The Outsider in without Doom Guy.

Alas, if she were to survive the winter without harm, we had no choice. Once we can afford to get Doom Guy fixed, I think we’re all in favour of making him an inside cat, too! At that point, we would have 4 indoor cats, which will be quite enough, thankyouverymuch. DahBoy and his Mama are still adjusting to having The Outsider as their new companion!

About that snow blower…

Okay, time to catch up on the snow blower situation!

This driveway was not cleared with a snow blower.

We headed out to pick it up yesterday, along with the two chain saws.

The guy walked me through what he did. Along with cleaning out the carburetor, he added an inline fuel shut off valve, which would help with a leak. There already was a metal shut off valve, but it was not the sort that should be turned open and closed often, as it would wear out more quickly than the one he added. He mentioned that the float seems to stick, which concerned him a bit, but he tested it out on a snow drift, and it worked just fine. He mentioned that the sticking float was causing it to run at full throttle, and showed me what he did as a work-around – something I was already doing. He started it up – of course, it gave him a hard time! – and did a bit of a demo for me. Then he drove it out of the shop and left it running while his dad (the owner of the shop) walked me through what was done with the chain saws. After I paid for everything, the mechanic grabbed some ramps and drove the snow blower into the van for us.

Then he had to take it out and drive it back it in, because he loaded it faster than I could tell him it had to go in backwards, or we couldn’t close the door!

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Snow Bison

So yesterday was a pretty full day! Before I get into it all, though, I wanted to share these pictures, taken on our way home yesterday.


I’m always thrilled to see the bison this close to the road. Such beautiful creatures!


They are quite well insulated from the recent cold…


…and quite enjoying themselves; earlier, we had seen some of the littler ones running and jumping around in the snow. Even though these would be the ones born last year, and not quite their adult size, they’re still massive enough that seeing them running and jumping is an amazing thing!

The Re-Farmer