Well, most of my plans panned out

Today was going to be a day of out and about-ing, so I made sure to do the rounds a bit earlier this morning.

A quick glance out the bathroom window showed me that Slick was already waiting for breakfast. πŸ˜€


As I came out with their food and warm water, I found Nicky the Nose making his way out the door, while Slick slunk under the blankets and benches.

Part of my usual routine these days is to turn the electric heating pad back on for another 2 hours, while doing the cats’ food and water, then doing the deer and bird feed.

I came back to this.


Bob and Doom Guy, squished together on the heating pad. πŸ™‚

This photo is also the best look I’ve been able to get of Bob’s eye, since we first noticed there was something wrong with it. Aside from the dried gunk on the outside, I’m happy to see his eye looks nice, clear and uninjured. I’d love to be able to give it a wash, but as relatively friendly as he is, he’d never put up with it – and I like not bleeding.

After the deer and birds are fed, I make my limited-by-snow circuit around the yard, including switching up the memory card for the trail cam.

I quickly noticed something else has been using the paths I’ve made with my boots in the snow.


Even the deer prefer to walk in any path they can find, rather than straight through the snow, if they have the chance!

I can see where the deer make their way through the south fence and hoped to get something on the trail cam, but it looks like they manage to stay under the motion sensor where they go through. Ah, well.

Not long after this, I was scheduled to take my husband in for a medical appointment. Unfortunately, he was having such a bad pain day, he simply couldn’t do it. It’s been bad enough that he’s using a cane, just to get around the house. We’ve already rescheduled this appointment twice before, so this time it was just cancelled. His next one won’t be until April. Hopefully, by then, winter will be over (hey; you never know out here!). This cold has certainly exacerbated his pain.

Which reminds me. It is now officially a year since he got on the waiting list for an appointment with the pain clinic in the city. That would be the list to get a call to make an appointment, not to actually come in for one.

While the cold snap we had in the last while has broken, when I checked the weather app this morning, there was a note on the bottom saying “cold snap begins today.” The temperature was only -16C, though. Looking at the long term forecast, all I was seeing was temperatures ranging from the low minus teens to the low -20’s. What cold snap?

Then I saw the wind chills. This morning’s -16C had a wind chill of -27C.

Ah. That would do it.

Needless to say, I wasn’t too inconvenienced by not having to go into town in the morning. I took advantage of the time to warm up with some tea.


I even broke out the flowering tea pot; green tea, jasmine and lilies. Very beautiful, and incredibly fragrant. I could really smell that jasmine, but it also had an interestingly spicy aroma, too. Quite lovely.

I still had to go out, though. The dump opened at 2pm, so one of my daughters and I headed out with the garbage and recycling, then went into town to pick up a few things we were running out of. While there, I wanted to stop at a particular store to see if I could find gloves for myself, like the ones we got for the girls’ stockings at Christmas. They turned out to be really awesome, well fitting and very warm. I’d actually found them in the town my mother lives in, but the nearer store is part of the same franchise of rural discount stores, so I figured it was worth a look. I was able to find a pair and, in the process, checked out the pet section to see if there was a cat comb for long haired cats. There wasn’t, but they did have a small, two sided dog brush that looked like it would work. So I give it a try.

The Outsider, it turns out, LOVES to be brushed! Plus, the new brush works very well on her long fur.

Always nice to check something else off the list. Especially if it also means not having to drive into the city to find it!

We did have a bit of a splurge, too. We picked up a copy of Venom (at a very decent price, even).

I’m thinking we’re due for a movie night. πŸ˜€

The Re-Farmer

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