Recommended: The Bearded Butchers

Welcome to my second “Recommended” series. Here, you’ll find various sites and channels that I’ve been enjoying and wanted to share with you. With so many people currently looking to find ways to be more self sufficient or prepared for emergencies, that will be the focus for most of these, but I’ll also be adding a few that are just plain fun. Please feel free to leave a comment or make your own recommendation. I hope you enjoy these!

When I was a kid, I remember helping my dad butchering and processing our own cows and pigs, and helping my mother do the chickens, but I was pretty young and don’t remember much about it, so it’s one of the skills I’ve been doing more research on. This is a YouTube channel I recently discovered. It’s a bit different from my usual recommendations, but for those who are looking to supply their own meat and do more of their own food processing, there is a lot to learn from The Bearded Butchers. If you go to their About page, you’ll find links to their websites and social media.

To start out, as butchers, they focus on straight-from-the-farm and humanely harvested meats. Their YouTube channel has been around since 2016, but Whitefeather Meats has a 200 year long tradition.

With more people looking into raising their own chickens, or just finding ways to save money by buying whole birds, here is a very practical video on how to butcher a chicken.

Also, love that vacuum sealer!! 😀

Their “how to butcher a… ” videos cover a wide range of animals, including beef, pork, lamb, goat, deer, elk and even bison. They also have videos on how to skin wild rabbit, hog and lamb. You’ll even find video on how to field dress a deer (which is how I found their channel!).

You’ll also find comparison videos, like this one.

Here, they talk about wet vs dry aged beef, but you’ll also find videos comparing bison vs beef, grass fed beef vs grain fed, and comparing Wagyu beef and Kobe beef!

You’ll even find cooking videos, like this one comparing Crockpot beet pot roasts.

They’ve got a lot of grilling videos, too. 🙂

Then there’s more in depth, long videos, ranging from a complete breakdown on how to butcher a cow or a pig, to …

… makin’ bacon! They say “at home”, but they get to cheat with their massive band saw. This video is with pork, but they have a video in making beef bacon, too!

You can even learn how to make your own hot dogs.

Yeah, another video that’s almost an hour long.

I’ll be honest; I haven’t been able to finish watching the hour long videos yet, as I can rarely stay at the computer long enough to finish one, so I have to watch them in bits and pieces.

While we are looking at getting chickens first, I’m also thinking of the possibility of raising rabbits for meat, and hunting deer. One of the things I really like about this channel is the sheer variety of animals, including game, that they cover.

For anyone who is looking to at least process, if not raise and hunt, their own meat, I definitely recommend The Bearded Butchers.

That and they have the most awesome beards.

The Re-Farmer

6 thoughts on “Recommended: The Bearded Butchers

  1. Looks like an excellent resource, thank you! Passing that along to Hubby pronto. He learned from YT how to upgrade his butchering skills for lamb from another excellent channel and I’ll ask him to find it and post it here. It is so impressive and necessary a skill! Working with the right knives alone is a learning curve, hehe! I appreciate it to no end, but from afar mostly, don’t have any real desire to do it myself and just so pleased I can reap the rewards without lifting a finger until the I help him wrap the final product!

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