Looking back: together again

Two years ago today, we were finally reunited as a family. We had some close calls on the drive over, but we made it.

Our work was just beginning. We had almost an entire house to pack before we could have our own stuff delivered. But we muddled our way through and managed to survive it more or less intact! 😉

A year later, much work had been accomplished over the summer, and we were using what we learned over our first winter to try and solve some problems for our second.


Thankfully, we don’t have to rig anything up again this year!

Little by little, we’re working things out. 🙂

Who knows. A few more years, and we might have it all figured out. 😉

The Re-Farmer

Looking back: remembering

Two years ago today, my older daughter and I started our drive out to the farm.

The movers were such a disaster, we had to leave before they were finished.

We were able to look back on it last year, with a different perspective. Mostly, just relieved that it was over, and in the hope we’ll never have to go through that again!

By this time last year, we were getting into the routine of living out here, and taking care of the critters.


Most of the cats that were regularly with us in that first year are gone now. Only Beep Beep and Butterscotch are still here, as they have been since while my father was still around. I found pictures of them from when I was able to come out for a visit in 2015.

Which makes me happy. My dad did love the yard cats!

The Re-Farmer

Looking back; a year, and two, ago today

Two years ago, the movers arrived.

So began what was probably the worst move we’ve had.

Okay, so there may have been one other that was worse, but that was because we all came down with the flu and got so sick, I actually collapsed from illness and exhaustion. Which has never happened to be before or since.

But we didn’t have to deal with a moving company that time. They were supposed to make things better. Not worse! Having to spend hours in the van, with the cats, trying to keep our plants and fish from freezing didn’t help, either.


A year later saw things much improved. Rather than having to deal with all the hassles of moving, we were into our routine of keeping this place going –


– and sometimes finding damage done by the deer that were visiting regularly!

The Re-Farmer