Unexpected Finds

So… it’s been interesting lately.

While moving the chimney blocks from their stacks to where the retaining wall is going to be, we found an old aftershave bottle. My daughter did some research, and estimates that it’s from the 1980’s.

It turns out there are collectors for these out there! *L*

So she gave it a good washing, including trying to clean the inside.

See that stuff in the sink in the back ground?

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Some manual labour, and getting things started

After dropping one daughter off at work, my other daughter and I did a whole bunch of manual labour around the yard.

The first thing we did was haul away the stuff I’d clean up in the old wood pile area, including moving the pile of debris to the back of the outhouse, and sorting through the pile of found objects and garbage.

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We have a trailer… sortof

Yesterday, being Sunday, my daughter had a short shift and I was planning to stay in town again. I ended up meeting with my older brother and his wife, and we were able to spend a couple of wonderful hours together.

They are such great people!

At one point, we got to talking about how useful it would be for us to have a trailer, and how expensive new ones are. Apparently, there had been a small trailer by the garage, but it disappeared before we moved here.

Then they remembered.

We do still have a trailer.

Sort of.

They told me where it was, so when I did my evening rounds before it got dark, I went looking for it.

There it is!

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Night Time Visitors

My daughter and I headed out last night to close the cats up in the sun room (the 6 remaining kittens, Beep Beep and, lately, Doom Guy).

The first thing we saw was a skunk running off towards to storage house.

Which meant there could be…

… yup…

A second one was inside the sun room, eating cat kibble.

It took a while to convince this one to come out.

They both ended up under the storage house. I find myself wondering if they’ve got a “nest” under there or something.

I’m just sort of assuming that these are the same pair we saw before.

Gosh, they’re cute.

The Re-Farmer

Clean up: old wood pile, progress

I was able to get about an hour of clean up in the old wood pile area. I made sure to check the temperature before I headed out, and it was only 22C. Thank God it wasn’t any hotter, because even that felt way too hot.

Y’know, I’ve always wanted to travel, and go vacation on some tropical island. I still want to do that, but I am realizing that I’d just die in the heat! 😀

So this is where I left off, yesterday.

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Critter of they Day: sad Keith

These photos were taken a few days after the ones taken in yesterday’s critter of the day post.

Little Keith had come back to the junk pile, though mom and sibling were nowhere to be seen. Why is he looking so sad?

We hard started to leave bowls of food and water for the junk pile family. Keith was spooked away from then by Not-Slick.

Between the other cats and the blue jays, it’s hard to say how much kibble the junk pile cats actually got!

Clean up: old wood pile progress

Today has been a very unproductive day. I felt exhausted all day, to the point of falling asleep at the computer. I even tried to nap, but that was a failure. Mostly because I’m a suck, and I didn’t have the heart to move the sleeping pile of cats on my bed. 😀

It was my turn to do the cat litter tonight, and I headed out a bit early to do the sun room litter pans. It seemed cooler, so I stayed out and worked on the old wood pile area. I didn’t get very far. Again, I was feeling exhausted, and was dripping with sweat. This is not usual for me.

Then, just before starting this post, I checked the temperature.

27C – feels like 30C.

Which means it was even hotter while I was out there, even though it was about 7pm at the time.

That might have something to do with how I was feeling!

This is what I managed to do, in the short time I was out.

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