That looks like it’s toast…

While doing my rounds this morning, I was able to take a closer look at the bird bath. Throughout the winter, when chipping ice out to add water, I've been very careful not to touch the bird bath itself. It already had cracks showing on it, and now that the ice is melting away again, … Continue reading That looks like it’s toast…

Photo(s) of the Day: what’s going on here?

When topping up the bird bath with warm water, I could see where the cats had licked a hole though the ice on the surface to get at the water below. The hole got bigger when warm water was added to it. Potato Beetle was absolutely fascinated by it. He kept prowling around it. Water … Continue reading Photo(s) of the Day: what’s going on here?

Photo(s) of the Day: water cats

Before things started to stay below freezing, I was able to give the bird bath a thorough scrubbing and add a bit of water. Which froze overnight, so I added more in the morning. The cats just can't get enough of that. Here, the top layer has frozen, so there are bubbles moving underneath that … Continue reading Photo(s) of the Day: water cats


As the weather has gotten colder, seasonal changes are happening to our morning routine. With the outside taps now closed for the winter, and water starting to freeze, we are back to bringing out a pitcher of warm water to refill the cat bowls outside. With the bird bath now moved next to the bird … Continue reading Water

Critter of the Day: bird watching

Hello, September! After going through August's photos of our feeding station, I found we didn't actually take very many photos that month. I ended up with only a week's worth of critter of the day pictures worth posting, mostly of cats. Since I skipped at least one month's worth of photos entirely in the spring, … Continue reading Critter of the Day: bird watching