That looks like it’s toast…

While doing my rounds this morning, I was able to take a closer look at the bird bath.

Throughout the winter, when chipping ice out to add water, I’ve been very careful not to touch the bird bath itself. It already had cracks showing on it, and now that the ice is melting away again, I can see that at least one has gotten worse. I’m sure my ice chopping didn’t help. 😀

Yeeeaaahhh…. I’d say the bird bath is toast.

The kitties still like it! 😀

Since completing my rounds outside, it has started to snow. A gentle snowfall, just enough to start coating the trees again. It won’t last long. Looking at the long range forecast, we’ll be staying above freezing every day. By Sunday, we’re even supposed to hit 10C (50F)! It’s going to get muddy out there, but I’m looking forward to the warmth, and the snow melting away enough to be able to extend my rounds again.

The girls and I have decided it’ll be worth heading to the city to try and do our monthly shop, though I expect we’ll split it again, make a smaller trip and go back again later in April.

I should try and find some rubber boots again. Last year, I couldn’t find anything that would fit over my burly calves. 😀

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “That looks like it’s toast…

  1. Well, you know the deal there… Water gets into cracks, freezes and expands. :\

    I was going to say just get some concrete repair epoxy type stuff when I saw that first crack. Seeing the underside though… That thing is about as broken as California. LOL

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