Chokecherry Vinegar Drink

I finally got some photos of a drink mixed using the chokecherry vinegar I made not long ago. I have been using it for other things already.  One of the things I like to do is put some frozen mixed berries in container to thaw out over night and enjoy them with breakfast.  Usually, I … Continue reading Chokecherry Vinegar Drink

Making Chokecherry Vinegar

The original recipe for this can be found here. I adjusted the original recipe for my quantity of chokecherries. Chokecherry Vinegar Soaking time: 24 hours First boil: 5 minutes Second boil: 2 minutes 5 cups chokecherries 1 2/3 cups vinegar 1 2/3 cups water sugar Wash and mash the berries.  Place them in a glass … Continue reading Making Chokecherry Vinegar