The new kitty pool

With bringing a yard cat into the house to have her kittens, instead of using the sun room as a maternity ward, has us facing some different challenges. In the sun room, as the kittens got bigger, they had a fairly decent sized room to run around in, and still be safe from other critters. … Continue reading The new kitty pool

Mead Baby 2.0: second fermentation

First, the back ground, for those who are new to this blog. (Welcome!) All links will open in new tabs, so you won't lose your place. 🙂 Mead Baby, reduxMead Baby 2.0: active fermentation Mead Baby 2.0: it's a temperature thingMead Baby 2.0: temperature success We've been keeping a close eye on our baby mead, … Continue reading Mead Baby 2.0: second fermentation

Mead Baby 2.0: it’s a temperature thing

It's been pretty cold lately, which means the house is pretty chilly, despite the thermostat setting (and I'm not about to crank it because bits and pieces of the house don't get heat). The carboy is set up near an interior wall in the dining room, which has one heat vent across the room, under … Continue reading Mead Baby 2.0: it’s a temperature thing