On growing garlic

This year, I joined a number of gardening groups on social media. Either local groups or cold climate/zone 3 gardening groups. It's pretty cool to see how many first time gardeners have been joining the groups and asking all sorts of questions. This is the time of year for planting hard neck garlic, as we … Continue reading On growing garlic

Our 2021 garden: two kinds of potatoes

I wasn't going to harvest our potatoes yet, since they can stay in the ground until after we get frost. It is, however, Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, and dangit, I want to have some of our own potatoes! 😀 The fingerling potatoes are still growing, but the Yukon Gem and Norland potato plants are … Continue reading Our 2021 garden: two kinds of potatoes

Well, I got that backwards!

You know, it's a good thing that we labelled the things we planted in the garden beds, and left those labels there. Because apparently, my memory sucks. For the past while, I've been posting photos of our sunflower seed heads. Particularly the Mongolian Giant sunflowers. The transplanted ones are much taller and stronger, and further … Continue reading Well, I got that backwards!

Our 2021 garden: first bloom!

This is so very late in the season, but it finally happened. Our first Hopi Black Dye sunflower seed head is opening! When the seeds we'd started indoors neglected to germinate until after we'd already direct seeded outside, there was just one for a while. That one got transplanted into the old kitchen garden, and … Continue reading Our 2021 garden: first bloom!

Our 2021 garden: progress and pruning

As always during my morning rounds, I checked on the various beds to see how things are growing. This most mature of our Red Kuri squash has ceased growing in size, and is just beautifully deepening in colour as it ripens. While it's neighbour is getting bigger. We won't have a lot of mature winter … Continue reading Our 2021 garden: progress and pruning

Our 2021 garden: winter squash follow up

Yesterday, I posted about a concern I was finding with our Red Kuri/Little Gem winter squash. I also shared photos in some gardening groups I'm on, and of course, did some searches. I greatly appreciated the feedback that I got from all over. Some had suggested it was a pollination problem, but that seemed to … Continue reading Our 2021 garden: winter squash follow up