Feelin’ hip

My hip joint, that is.

Hip ball socket joint Clipart Picture, Hip ball socket joint Gif

I have been feeling pain in my left hip for some time. I got X-rays and they found the beginnings of osteo-arthritis, which is not surprising, but also bone spurs, which explained the pain I was feeling. That pain is pretty much always there, but not very severe. About the only time it’s a problem is when I sleep, as it means I can’t lie on my left side for very long. Otherwise, it doesn’t really slow me down. At least not more than anything else does. 😀
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I’d hurt my right hip some months before and had it X-rayed, too. It also showed mild osteo-arthritis beginning, but that’s about it. That hip had stopped bothering me.

Until a few weeks back. While walking across the dining room, I suddenly couldn’t put weight on my right leg. There was something wrong with my hip joint. I was close enough to the dining table that I could grab a chair and sit down. After a while, I was able to get up and “walk it off”.

Then the pain went away as suddenly as it started.

I then basically forgot about it.

It happened again, yesterday evening. All I was doing was sweeping the floor. Without warning, I suddenly couldn’t put weight on my right leg, due to pain in my hip joint. My daughter had to come over and pull a chair out for me to sit down. Later, I was able to use one of my dad’s canes that we simply left where he kept them, hanging on arm bars (there’s a reason I left them there!) and made my way to my office chair.

Now, I’ve dealt with a lot of different kinds of pain. I’ve broken bones. I developed post traumatic osteo-arthritis in my feet and knees long ago, along with bone spurs in my heels and knees. I have bones that dislocate pretty regularly. Joint pain, muscle plain, pain from what turned out to be a large cyst that took my innards for a waltz. Typically, they limit me to a certain extent, but I can still maintain a level of activity that gets the job done.

Just don’t expect me to be able to kneel down, then get back up again, without help! 😀

This pain, however, is different.

This time, it didn’t go away.

I was, eventually, able to put weight on the leg and walk without the cane, but the pain stayed. I still have most of my range of motion, but for some things – like shifting my leg in my chair as I type this – it goes from not hurting while I’m motionless, to pain that prevents me from moving the joint.

It doesn’t feel like OA. It doesn’t feel like bone spurs. Still, I was able to go about and do my rounds outside, without a cane, and basically walk around like normal. I just had this pain, right in the joint, that wouldn’t go away.

I was trying to describe to my husband what had happened yesterday evening, since he had already gone to bed by then and missed it. He said it sounded like maybe something got in the joint.

Which brought back a flash of memory.

When I had my right hip X-rayeds, months ago, mild OA was not the only thing they saw.

They also saw loose bone fragments. I believe fragments were visible when I got my left hip X-rayed. Not unusual with OA, really.

But that might be my problem. Loose fragments may be getting into my joint, causing pain, then migrating out and my joint feels normal again. Except this time, it’s not clearing, so it still hurt when I make certain motions.

Just a little while ago, while sitting on my office chair, I tried to get up to reach for something.

And I couldn’t put weight on my right leg again.

I can still get about, using my left leg and a whole lot of things to lean on. My husband – the one with excruciatingly painful back injury – was sweet enough to bring me a cane so I could at least walk to the bathroom.


After I’m done writing this post, I’m going to have to see if I can walk on it again.

I guess this means I have to get another X-ray to confirm, and see if there is something that can be done about it. At the very least, I’ll have to call my new doctor’s office and see if I can make an appointment or something.

What a pain. Literally and figuratively.

Well, I certainly am not going anywhere in these temperatures. I’ll see how things go over the next few days. Until then, I’ll just have to keep a cane hand and, if worse comes to worse, use my dad’s walker to get around.


The Re-Farmer

In the Storm, and … really??

Last night, we did indeed get an all out thunderstorm with pouring rain!

It was fantastic!

At one point, I was hearing things hit the window that sounded like hail.  Our van was in the yard, to make it more accessible for my husband to get to his appointment, but he ended up rescheduling the appointment, so there it stayed.  I figured, if there was going to be hail, I’d better get it to the garage.

It was less than 20 feet to the driver’s door, and I was SOAKED!  As I started it, I saw a shadow at the passenger window (closer to the house) and it was one of my daughters warning me that they’d seen a cat sheltering under the van.  She was out for mere seconds, and that was all it took for her to get drenched.  I couldn’t see out the windshield, other than shadows, even with the wipers going full blast.  Thankfully, I know our yard well enough that it was all I needed, so after revving the engine a few times to scare off any possible sheltering cats, I got the van into the garage.

Then I got some pictures from the main door.


The camera picked up more than I could actually see.

The ground inside the garage (it’s just a dirt floor) was dry when I drove in, but by the time I parked and walked to the door to take a few pictures, then open the side door on the van to get an umbrella, there was water spilling in under my feet.  My dash to the house involved leaping puddles.

Nice to know I can still do that sort of jumping around, when needed. LOL

My grandpa slippers were full of water, regardless of any leaping of puddles. 😀

It wasn’t long before we were also shutting down computers and closing up windows.  Then we lost our internet for a while, so even our cell phones became useless (and I was in the middle of a Skype conversation. 😀 ).

The storm quickly passed, though a much smaller one swept through later, and we continued to see lightning to the northeast of us for some time.

Best of all, the rain continued for quite a while.

This morning, everything looks so much greener, already!

My plans for the day, however, have changed.  Because something rather ridiculous happened last night.


See this?

That fell out of one of my teeth, last night.

Yup.  It’s a filling.

All I could think was, really???  I do NOT need this right now!

I now have a big, gaping hole in the back of my mouth.  The remains of an old root canal, done at least 15 years ago.

Which means that I have to be very, very careful what I can eat or drink for the next while.

Thankfully, because the tooth is already dead, there is no pain.  The remaining pieces of tooth, however, would be rather fragile, I’m sure.

I phoned a dental clinic in town this morning and, thank God!, they do direct billing AND have an opening they can put me in this afternoon.

It means juggling the budget again, but at least I won’t have to wait until next week, when pay comes in.

And maybe, just maybe, when we go into the city on Sunday for a sort of a family reunion dinner with my husband’s family in the city, I’ll even be able to eat with everyone else!

Speaking of eating, I’ve not had breakfast yet, and I can’t think of anything we’ve got right now that would be safe for me to eat.  I might have to whip up a quick soup or something.

Time to get creative!

The Re-Farmer

Sunday Adventures in Vehicles and Bugs

We are still on the lookout for a church in the next town, so this morning I headed out to visit a new one I’d never been to before.  I almost didn’t make it, having been up until 3 am this morning (actually 2am, but then daylight savings time happened), but it worked out.

This time I went to an evangelical “free” church.  In all my years growing up here, I had no idea it even existed, as it’s in a residential part of town I’d never gone to before.  The only reason I knew where it was was because my daughter and I had found it while playing Pokemon Go a month or so ago, and all churches are Pokestops.

I honestly don’t know what to think of it.  The church itself has no online presence, but I was able to look up what an evangelical church is, and it’s a solidly grounded non-denominational church.  Like most churches in the area, there was a small core of regular congregants.  This being a resort town, the population basically doubles in the summer, and all the churches get fuller.  People were friendly in welcoming.  They have a pastoral couple, rather than just a pastor, which was not something I’ve encountered before, though I was aware of such things.  The sermon was good, though there were a few things about the service that I found a bit strange; little throwaway comments that were intended to be humorous, but were inadvertently sexist.

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