Un. Be. Lievable. Part 3

I can’t believe it.

I thought for sure, after I finally got the paperwork I needed to transfer my driver’s license, and actually GOT my temporary license, I was done.  It was over.

But noooo….  That would make life too easy, wouldn’t it?

I got a phone call from the office in the next town I was doing this at.

When my paperwork was finally all in order, it got copied and sent out to the public insurance company (run by the province), and as far as the local people knew, everything was good.

It’s not my married name that’s the problem now.  I’ve been able to prove my name really is my name, finally.

No.  What didn’t get accepted was the proof of identification form signed by the postmaster.

And it wasn’t my name, but our address.

The woman who called me talked about getting another one signed, but by another postmaster (there was no reason given for it not to be accepted).  Well, no other postmaster can confirm who I am, because it can only be done by a person on their list (doctor’s lawyers, judges, police officers, chiefs, etc) that has known me for at least 2 years.

I don’t even have that in our previous province.  It took me forever to find a doctor after my last one left the clinic she was at, and I’d been seeing him for barely a year when we moved.  Even our pastor couldn’t sign it, because the one that did know me went on medical leave and I have lost contact with him, and the interim pastor hasn’t known me long enough.

There is no one else on their approved list that I can get to sign it.

While I was on hold at one point, I dug out my stack of papers and looked at the originals they used to process my file, and they only took the letter from the bank and the proof of identification form – and the proof of identification form had only my physical location, not my box number, whereas the letter from the bank had both.

When I mentioned this, it went back and forth about the utility bills, etc.  I had brought a utility bill from our electric company, but it has a “service location”, which is basically coordinates, and our box number.  No physical location.  Our physical location is the driveway marker that the province has installed all over the place, so that emergency responders could find rural and isolated locations, such as ours (there’s a reason it can take 30-40 minutes, or more, for police or ambulances to arrive for a 911 call).  Even our phone numbers don’t have those; if you were to look up our phone number on Canada411, you’d see only our “service location” coordinates.  The public insurance company won’t accept the service location.

I had even tried to log onto my account with the electricity company to modify my billing address to include the physical location, but there was no option to do that.  I had updated the phone company’s billing address, we’ve only had 2 bills since moving here; the first one went to my mother’s by mistake, and the second has only our box number.  I asked if it would be helpful if I got another bank letter, as we have our primary accounts at a different bank than the one I’d gotten a letter from.  She suggested I get everything I can, and to do it as quickly as possible, because this is my proof of identification that everything else is based on.  They won’t process my driver’s license until I can provide them with two things from an approved list that have both my physical address and my mailing address on them.

Which is getting beyond ridiculous.  There are so many people who live on farms or tiny little hamlets, where there are no street numbers or names.  How have they been dealing with them all this time?  My last driver’s license here had our box number on it.  Or is it only for people who have moved in from out of province??  How will this affect the rest of my family?  My younger daughter can produce several things to prove her identity, but she isn’t getting any utility bills in her name at all.  She’ll only have the letter from the bank, once we get it.  What is she going to do?

So I went online and tried again to find where I could update our billing address on my account at the electric company.  Nothing.  Phone company?  I had updated that one to include our physical location, but the new bills weren’t out yet, and the only one available was with the box number only.  Not only that, but for some reason, their system crammed my physical location address into the same line as the P.O. box, which meant the road name was half cut off.  So I fixed that.

I phoned the electric company first, explained the situation, and asked about getting the physical address added to our billing information.  The new bills should be coming out tomorrow, so that would have been perfect.

Turns out she simply could not add it in.  There was nowhere to do it.  No space, anywhere, to have both the box number and the physical location.  She couldn’t figure out why I was told to get it done with them, either.  They’ve never done this, and it’s never been needed before.

I then tried the phone company; the billing date is either the 14th or 15th – and today is the 15th.  I explained the situation, mentioned having updated my billing address already online, and asked if it was possible to have my new bill, with the full address, emailed to me or something.

First off, he couldn’t find my updated billing address.  The changes I made did not show up at their end, and apparently aren’t supposed to.  At which point I wonder, why even have the ability to update your billing address online, if the company itself doesn’t get it in their system?

Except, that’s how I updated my billing address away from my mother’s box number, and that is what was on last month’s bill, so obviously, it does show up, somewhere!

He didn’t have it, though, so he got the info from me and added it in.

But could I get the bill with that?

No.  They were processed yesterday.  What he did today wouldn’t show up until next month’s bill.


So I guess that meant a trip to the town my mom lives in, which is where the nearest branch of my other bank is located.  A quick look online showed they were open until 6pm, and it was about 4pm; plenty of time.

I brought my younger daughter with me, so she could get one of those letters, too.

As we’re getting ready to leave, I get a call back from the phone company.

He couldn’t find our physical address on a map (which, I guess, is something their system requires).  He asked my postal code, which he normally didn’t need to do, and tried again; still nothing.

Our roads have both names and numbers.  He was using just the name, not the number, so that was part of the problem.  Google maps apparently uses just the road number, so I’ve made a point of including it as well, he didn’t have it.

Our driveway marker is also 6 digits, which he had thought was two 3 digit numbers with a dash in between (as if it were an apartment number and a street address).  That also got fixed, and he made sure to save it while I was on the line, in case it wasn’t accepted again, so he wouldn’t have to call me again about it.

It worked.  Yay!

He then told me that while he said he couldn’t get it done for me for this billing cycle, he was only 2 weeks into the job, so he would try to find someone else and find out if they knew a way to do it for me.

I was so very grateful!!!  Even if it didn’t work, I really appreciated that he would take that extra effort.

Off my daughter and I went to the bank; a 20 minute drive.

It was closed.

It turns out that they are open to 6pm on Friday’s only, and close at 4pm on Monday to Thursday.

That’s not what was online; it’s possible that they have summer hours and winter hours, but it didn’t say that, anywhere.  Not online, and not on the hours posted on the bank’s door.


However, by the time we got back to the van, there was a message from my husband.  The phone company guy had called back and said that the updated address would be on this month’s bill.  Yay!

Hopefully, that means it’ll be available on the website tomorrow, and I can print out the pdf.  At the very least, I can go back to the bank and get another one of those letters printed out.

It just blows me away, that this is still an issue, after all that care was taken to make sure I had everything to process my driver’s license transfer.  My old license has been cancelled.  This has to be processed before my temporary license expires.  Granted, that’s in a month, but the way things are going, who knows how long this will end up taking.

Un. Be. Lievable.

The Re-Farmer

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