Sleepy bee is still there!

While doing my morning rounds, I decided to check the sunflowers and, sure enough, the bee I saw yesterday was still there! I did confirm that it's still alive; when I brushed a finger near it, a single, pollen covered back leg lifted up to warn me away! It's simply too cold and wet for … Continue reading Sleepy bee is still there!

Cute fuzzy things in the morning

I got to see all sorts of adorable things this morning. Starting with these guys! They were very rambunctious this morning. 🙂 The girls have informed me that the calico that looks like Cabbages has been named Broccoli. The tabby twins have also been named, but I forget them right now. The fourth kitten, sharing … Continue reading Cute fuzzy things in the morning

Critter(s) of the Day: on the beach

Insects count as critters, right? While walking the beach not long ago, there were a surprising number of lady beetles all over. So many, in fact, in some places, it was impossible not to step on any. I also saw a couple of these guys... At first, I thought this one was dead. Especially when … Continue reading Critter(s) of the Day: on the beach