Winterizing: main entry door

Our first winter here, there were a few problems we noticed. Problems that were definitely adding to our electricity bill for heating! This was taken just before our first Christmas here. It got worse, over the winter. We would get frost at the bottom of the East facing door, too. Not only did it show … Continue reading Winterizing: main entry door

Winterizing – and a blast from the past

Today, things warmed up and got rather pleasant out there, so I took advantage of it to do the annual winterization around the house. The situation was quite different, last year! I was amused to look back at old posts and find we put the insulation around the house exactly a year ago today! Just … Continue reading Winterizing – and a blast from the past

Prep for winter: insulation

Well, today was another day of plans changing, or getting switched around. A trip into town for a medical appointment this morning has been rescheduled.  I will still need to go into town this afternoon to pick up some prescription refills - and antihistamines!  My husband woke up with half his face all swollen, and … Continue reading Prep for winter: insulation