Prep for winter: insulation

Well, today was another day of plans changing, or getting switched around.

A trip into town for a medical appointment this morning has been rescheduled.  I will still need to go into town this afternoon to pick up some prescription refills – and antihistamines!  My husband woke up with half his face all swollen, and we don’t know why.  It started with a slight irritation by his eye, so we’re thinking he might have touched something, then rubbed his eye, and reacted.  But what?  We only know of two allergies he’s got, and there’s no way it’s either of them.

As if he needs that, on top of everything else!!

With the morning appointment rescheduled, I moved on to what I had on my list for this afternoon.

Putting insulation around the house.

Last year, this was done at the end of October, shortly after my husband and younger daughter arrived, so it’s going up about 3 weeks earlier this year.

And none too soon!

When I first went out, it was raining ice pellets.  By the time I got the pieces of foam insulation out of storage and by the house, it was just starting to snow.  By the time I finished putting it all up, it was coming down fairly heavily for some time.

It still it, and expected to, on and off, for the rest of the day.

I am not complaining!  Other areas have gotten heavy snow already, and having to break out the plows!

So here is what got done this morning.


This is by the main entry.  Last year, it kept falling over, but now I’ve got that bench there, so it will help hold it in place.  The ones at the corner are jammed right in, though, and are in no danger of falling.


These pieces fit quite nicely against the basement all.  We had hoped to get new sheets of insulation this year, and cut them to fit snug like this, but with all the unexpected expenses we’ve had in the last while, it will have to wait.

Eventually, it’s be nice to have something permanently installed, so we don’t have to do this every fall.



These also fit quite snugly.  The ladder is just there for storage; the insulation is holding itself in place with just a little help.

I will be finding a way to insulate that door, in such a way that we can still use it in an emergency.  There was frost on the bottom, on the inside, last winter.


The north side of the house needed more to support the foam.  After the septic tank is cleaned out, I will use straw to cover that open corner.


This area didn’t have foam against it, last year.  There was just the straw over the septic tank.  Once that’s done, I want to add quite a lot of straw here.  This corner is part of the original log house, so there’s no actual insulation in the walls; it’s just 8 inches or so thick wood.  Facing north, and shaded by trees, it gets no passive solar heat.  Which is great in the heat of summer.  Not so great in winter!

There is also a water tap there.  It will be time to close the valves to those, soon.  We’re supposed to warm up again for a little while, though, so we can use them for a bit longer.

Yesterday, I was able to get all the main floor windows washed on the outside.  Looks like I got that done, just in time, too!

The Re-Farmer

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