Critter of the Day: bird watching

Hello, September!

After going through August’s photos of our feeding station, I found we didn’t actually take very many photos that month. I ended up with only a week’s worth of critter of the day pictures worth posting, mostly of cats.

Since I skipped at least one month’s worth of photos entirely in the spring, this will give me an opportunity to go through them.

And so, for the first day of September, I bring you a photo from the first day of August.

Susan is busy watching the birds in the platform feeder above her head. 😀

The Re-Farmer

Bonus Critter: playing

While switching out the empty hanging bird feeder for a full one, I noticed Junk Yard kitten was out.

So I sat down on the log I placed near the junk pile as a seat, and tried to lure him in.

There was a cat toy I’d found while cleaning out the old wood pile; one of the ones we’d left for the kittens that were living in there for a while, last year. Between it and the tree branch I wiggled around, I was able to get him to come within 3 ft of me and play!

He (she?) is such a beautiful cat! Those dark framed, golden eyes are just amazing!

The Re-Farmer

Critter of they Day: sad Keith

These photos were taken a few days after the ones taken in yesterday’s critter of the day post.

Little Keith had come back to the junk pile, though mom and sibling were nowhere to be seen. Why is he looking so sad?

We hard started to leave bowls of food and water for the junk pile family. Keith was spooked away from then by Not-Slick.

Between the other cats and the blue jays, it’s hard to say how much kibble the junk pile cats actually got!

Matched Set, and hot water woes

When doing my morning rounds, I used to get followed by at least Beep Beep and Butterscotch. Sometimes, other cats would come along, but it was usually those two in particular. That changed after they had their kittens. Butterscotch no longer even likes to be picked up anymore (I think it has become uncomfortable for her) and she’s become a lot more stand-offish. Lately, I’ve been seeing her as infrequently as the male cats.

Beep Beep is a lot more homey and, while she doesn’t like being picked up as much as she used to either, it doesn’t seem to be out of any sort of discomfort. She has started to follow me again in the mornings, and the kittens are beginning to expand their territory.

Even Big Jim came out to see what was going on.

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Critter of the Day: breakfast

These are from this morning, when I brought kibble to the bowls I brought back to the pump shack.

Rosencrantz had already come out and looked to be heading for the house, but hung around when she saw me, then came to eat after I put food in the bowls. She comes to the house for food but, for some reason, Beep Beep and Butterscotch (especially Beep Beep) have been very mean to her and chasing her away. So even though I was mere feet away, I think she was glad to get food here!

Digital zoom, here. My apologies for the poor quality of the image.

She has the strangest dark patches on her cheeks, below each eye!

I had to walk past her to go back to the house, which made her nervous, but not enough to leave the food.

Where those noises I could hear in the pump shack?

Why, yes! Look who’s getting brave!

Since discovering them back in the pump shack, I propped the door open a few inches in such a way that it can neither blow open more, nor close, so it’ll be easier for them to come in and out. I think they like that.

Pump shack baby is also hungry!

I want to snuggle. That. Face!!!!

Good Bye, Little Guy!

This evening was both exciting and sad.

The family that had come to look at the kittens a few days ago called back today. They had made a decision and asked if they could come by to pick up their new fur baby.

Zesty Nacho Blast had to be awakened from a nap by his new humans!

He is now at his new home, with his new human family, where he will have new animal companions and even a new name.

Happy to see him adopted by a good family.

But we are going to miss him, too!

The Re-Farmer