Critter(s) of the Day: kit and cat

The kittens now eagerly await for the sun room door to be opened from the outside. When it opens, they just EXPLODE outside and start running around and exploring.

This little guy was investigating the garden hose. 😀

I also wanted to share this picture I got last night.

Guildenstern, in her favourite spot. So regal! Like a forest queen. 🙂

Posting might be a bit light over the next while, as we will be having a dear friend stay with us. I pick her up at the airport tomorrow, and we can hardly wait!

Critter of the Day: freedom is scary

Yesterday, the kittens discovered they could get out of the sun room, so we let them all out.

After a couple of hours, one of them disappeared.

Mini-Doom Guy was nowhere to be seen.

After the kittens were all brought inside with one of the moms, still short one.

We searched the yard, over and over.

Still no little tuxedo.

We searched beyond the inner yard, into the garage, and anywhere else we could think of.

Still no little tuxedo.

Finally, as I went to do my evening rounds, there he was, hovering near the door to the sun room.

He was VERY happy to see us and be held!!!

I still have no idea where he was hiding, but I don’t think he’ll be wandering far again, for a while!