Photo(s) of the Day: what’s going on here?

When topping up the bird bath with warm water, I could see where the cats had licked a hole though the ice on the surface to get at the water below. The hole got bigger when warm water was added to it. Potato Beetle was absolutely fascinated by it. He kept prowling around it. Water and bubbles must have been sloshing on one side as he did, because he kept going from the hole, so a spot beside it. Eventually, he started dipping his entire leg through the hole, causing something to to move on the side, which would catch is attention. Back and forth he kept going!

It was quite entertaining. 😀

Giving it a break right now.

I was finally able to upload my images and was working on a post about the storm and current conditions.

Then the power went out.

It has been off and on several times since. There are outages all over the south and central areas of the province, so we are doing much better than others.

The shut down killed my blog post, though. Not even the auto-save to draft remaining. After several times cutting out, I’ve just left the computer off and am just making this quick post on my phone, while I still can!

We are well and safe, though, and that’s what matters.


I am SO GLAD we got those trees cleared away from the power lines and roof. I don’t think I will ever stop being so relieved by that. Especially in conditions like we just had!!

The Re-Farmer

Still got no rubbers

With all the snow melt and puddles forming, I quickly got tired of wet feet and soaked shoes.

So last night, I bit the bullet and braved an area of the house I tend to avoid.

The new part basement.

I remembered seeing a whole bunch of rubber boots down there, and was desperate enough to consider using a pair.

Note I said “consider”…

For those unfamiliar with the Canadianism, rubbers are footwear. I believe in other places, they are called rain boots or Wellingtons.

Rubbers are not to be confused with that other rubber Canadianism, meaning a type of eraser. Also, not to be confused with yet another type of rubber, aka a condom. There are quite a few different kinds of rubbers, now that I think about it. 😀

Anyhow. I’m talking boots.

These boots.

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