Still got no rubbers

With all the snow melt and puddles forming, I quickly got tired of wet feet and soaked shoes.

So last night, I bit the bullet and braved an area of the house I tend to avoid.

The new part basement.

I remembered seeing a whole bunch of rubber boots down there, and was desperate enough to consider using a pair.

Note I said “consider”…

For those unfamiliar with the Canadianism, rubbers are footwear. I believe in other places, they are called rain boots or Wellingtons.

Rubbers are not to be confused with that other rubber Canadianism, meaning a type of eraser. Also, not to be confused with yet another type of rubber, aka a condom. There are quite a few different kinds of rubbers, now that I think about it. 😀

Anyhow. I’m talking boots.

These boots.


This is one of those areas where we have done no cleaning or packing at all. In fact, I’ve avoided this corner under the new basement stairs as much as possible.

No, I don’t know why there is a tire sitting there. Or the wine bottle.

I first checked out the biggest pair in the shelf behind the tire, because it was easier to reach. Thankfully, the size was on the bottom of the boot. It was only a size 6. They’re basically kids boots. Probably once worn by my now-adult nephew!

Next, I managed to grab a pair from under the stairs.

I never did find what the size was, but they are so old, the rubber cracked as I handled them.

There is also an odd number of boots under there.


There was still one more pair to check.

These actually look like some sort of overshoe. Short and super wide.

Also, full of spider webs.

That was enough for me!!! I’m not particularly squeamish when it comes to spiders, but I really don’t want to stick my feet into them. My plan had been to take any boots I found to the bathtub for cleaning first, but… nope!

Yeah. Those are more wine (and other booze) bottles. I have no idea why they are there.

Also, that metal garbage can is full of wood ashes.

The wood burning furnace has not been used in about 5 years or so, when my older brother had the electric one installed, so my dad wouldn’t have to go up and down the stairs to load the furnace anymore. For insurance purposes, the wood burning furnace has been disabled completely.

So why were the wood ashes left there? With boots on top?

I have no idea. One more thing on the list for us to get rid of! Along with crunchy, spider filled rubbers.

I really am not looking forward to when we get to the point of clearing and cleaning the basements. It’s very overwhelming!!

Thankfully, this morning was cold enough that things were still frozen when my daughter and I headed out this morning.

This is what we had to walk through, to get to the driveway.


I’m standing in front of the garage to take this. The curve to the right is the vehicle entry to the inner yard. There is nowhere to avoid the water. Along the very edge, my daughter was able to cross the ice without breaking through, while I did a quick hop-skip over the patched that looked like they had the most snow clumps under it.

Hop-skipping on ice is always a bit of a risk! I managed not to get a boot full, nor fall and break my neck.

Now, there is one way to sort of avoid all this, and that is to go through the garage. I didn’t think of it until after. The back door doesn’t have a handle, so it can only be opened/latched from one side. If it’s closed on the outside, you can’t get through from the inside. If it’s latched on the inside, you can’t get through from the outside.

Another thing for our list of stuff to change.

This is what the inner yard looks like, by the garage.


I’m standing in the foot path to the garage to take this photo. This area is the turning space for when we drive into the yard. The water is all the way to the snow, though parts of it are hidden by grass in the photo. I was able to side step around it, only because there was a ridge of hard-packed snow along one edge.

This is the path to the garage.


Thanks to the hard packed snow under the ice in that one spot, I was able to cross it without breaking through – barely.

When it comes time to pick up my daughter at the end of her shift, I’ll have to remember to go this way to the garage, instead of around the front.

Rubbers are now on my shopping list for the end of the month!

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “Still got no rubbers

  1. Looking at the, (I shall call it the inclement footwear), I see spiders also, not in the literal sense, I see a home for them. In your case condominiums, Ours are kept in a small footlocker with a lid. You may want to get two coffee cans and place them over the top, were they to be in my home, there would most assuredly be something over the top. The most famous Arachnid that will find it’s way into such a home, is the Brown Recluse. I had a bite from one many years ago, although mostly common in Southern climes, this happened in Connecticut. There are others of course. Oh, and don’t forget the field mouse. Mud season was always fun in New England. Have a great weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, yeah… I’m going to have a real great weekend, now, looking for spiders everywhere I turn. LOL

      Thankfully, the Brown Recluse is not native to this area. One of the few benefits of the long, cold winters!! The few rare times they have shown up in the south of our province, they were hitchhikers. I’m more likely to find a Black Widow in a bunch of grapes at the grocery store!

      Having said that, we do have some rather large Wolf Spiders, and many tunnel web spiders. So… yeah. We’re going to probably just trash those boots, and any new ones we get will NOT be stored in the basement!!! LOL


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