Feeling productive

Today was such a beautiful day! While doing my rounds this morning, I spotted Junk Pile cat at the bottom of this icicle hanging from the rain barrel diverter, drinking from the little well created at the bottom. Even though we were still a few degrees below freezing, there was a trickle of ice melt, … Continue reading Feeling productive

We’re melting! Plus, vet trip arranged

Oh, my goodness! It is so incredibly warm out there right now! The Weather Network app on my desktop has not been working well with our intermittent internet connection, and often will not update at all, but the weather app that came with my computer seems to get through better. (Even while writing a post, … Continue reading We’re melting! Plus, vet trip arranged

Outside Kitties and… oh, no.

Today warmed up considerably, so I took the time to tromp around outside and check things out - posts about that, to follow. In the process, I got to visit some of the friendlier outside cats...   and...touch the Butterscotch. Butterscotch has been one of the more stand-offish of the outside cats, and usually stays … Continue reading Outside Kitties and… oh, no.