Our 2023 garden: garlic and crocuses!

When doing my evening rounds today, I decided to do a walkabout, which I will post about separately. I was just finishing up when I got a message from one of my daughters, who had gone out while I was going in, with a picture of purple snow crocuses! She said there was garlic up, too.

They were not there when I did my morning rounds!

So I went back outside and checked it out.

While trying to find the purple crocuses she took a picture of, I found a couple of white ones. They’re so small, it was hard to get a good photo while zooming in, so this is the only one good enough to post.

I’m so thrilled to see them!

As for the garlic, I had been thinking about whether it was time to move the winter mulch aside, or to wait a bit longer.

Well, now’s the time!

I found the one garlic that had pushed its way through the mulch and began clearing.

Marking each end of the rows with sticks when we planted helped a lot!

In the process, I found quite a few more garlic sprouting. They will do much better, now that they will be getting more light and air circulation.

I am just so happy!!!

The Re-Farmer


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