Pink blep, and new growth

Things are warmed up nicely, so I’ll be heading out to work in the garden soon, but first I wanted to share this, from last night.

Would you look at this adorable boy?

You can see the mix of orange and grey fur that, in some lights, make Pinky’s fur look pink! He was eating like he was starving. He’s among the cats that don’t hang around quite as much anymore, and I suspect that by the time he does show up, most of the kibble is gone.

I am now sure about how adding the lysine powder to their kibble is working. There is, of course, no way to control the dose. Gooby (in the background) does actually seem to be less gooby. Of all the outside cats, he was the one that had the stuffiest nose and… well… there’s a reason he’s named Gooby! The other cats were never quite as bad, but some had issues with leaky eyes. As you can see, Pinky’s eye is leaking a bit, but it doesn’t look like he’s got problems with it. So… I guess it’s working? Talking to the Cat Lady about it, she says they would likely be worse without it. These respiratory issues are a major problem with all the outdoor cats in our province. We actually don’t have it as bad, simply because of the distance between other farm colonies. Not as much opportunity for cross contamination.

While doing my rounds, I also set up and prepared to work on the old kitchen garden, and also did a bit of clean up. Look what I found!

In cleaning out the retaining wall blocks, I uncovered quite a lot of chives that were completely hidden by last year’s detritus. The rhubarb in the photo is from the patch next to the chives and were easily visible. The patch at the opposite corner was completely covered, but when I raked up last year’s dead litter, I found there is a whole lot more coming up there!

I also cleaned up where the 50+ year old asparagus is, but there’s no sign of anything there yet. Very few spread show up when they do, and we just leave them to grow into ferns. Nearby is a patch of some kind of lily, which is showing little green leaf tips. Unfortunately, the invasive periwinkle looks like it’s already growing! I’m going to try and pull some of that up, so it doesn’t choke out everything else. I know we’ve lost this battle, but I want to at least keep them somewhat at bay.

I’ve received the last of my shipping confirmations. Our package of raspberries are still listed with May 8 as the expected delivery date, while both the trees and the potatoes are expected to arrive on May 9. Since these will be labeled as live plants on the packaging, I will not be surprised if they arrive by the end of this week. The post office does seem to prioritize living things for delivery! Either way, we need to be ready for them.

For now, though, I need to de-cat myself, head outside, and get some work done!

Sorry, Freya. I need to get up!

The Re-Farmer


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