Let’s talk about yeast

First, you may have noticed a change in the menu at the top. I now have a separate tab for sourdough. If you're looking for information on making a sourdough starter, or trying some of the recipes we've been using, that's where you'll find quick links to all the relevant posts. There's a reason I've … Continue reading Let’s talk about yeast

Sourdough “Batter” Bread, with recipe

Today my daughters did the baking, starting with a sourdough "batter" bread. There's a reason the word batter is in quotations... The girls have been finding recipes they like and, after trying them out, adding them to a notebook with any modifications or adjustments they've come up with. Like this... I love the little doodles! … Continue reading Sourdough “Batter” Bread, with recipe

Basic Sourdough Rye Bread

The following is the Rogers Basic Rye Bread recipe, modified into a sourdough version. We have never used lemon juice in bread baking before, but the packaging for our rye flour recommends it as a conditioner for no-additive flour.  In fact, the packaging is very enthusiastic about the use of lemon juice in bread baking! … Continue reading Basic Sourdough Rye Bread

Sourdough Banana Bread Muffins

While my husband and I ended up being away for far longer than expected, our daughters did some baking.  Along with the now regular baking of 4 loaves of sourdough bread, they made sourdough banana bread muffins with chocolate chips, modifying a recipe they found for banana bread online. It was a marvelous treat to … Continue reading Sourdough Banana Bread Muffins

Sourdough Bread Variation: Cheese and Olive Roll

Today, we made another variation of the Quick and Easy Sourdough Bread recipe. For the last while, we've been making a Black Olive and Cheddar variation that has been so delicious.  With today's bread baking, I did two loaves this way. The other two loaves were made into rolled loaves.  The other change was that … Continue reading Sourdough Bread Variation: Cheese and Olive Roll


An excellent post for sourdough aficionados!

Random thoughts

Debbie, at Stopping To Get My Bearings  asked about how I made the loaves in the prior post.

Hopefully this is organized enough.  It’s more of some notes and thoughts than a precise recipe.

I’ve found that sourdough bread–or any bread, for that matter–is somewhat difficult to turn into a precise recipe because of the imprecise nature of the ingredients, the kitchen environment and the things used to bake the bread.

  • I measure flour by volume knowing the amount of flour actually in the measuring cup depends on how tightly the flour gets packed in the measuring cup.
  • I live in the desert.  When I spent some summers at my grandparents’ house in (humid) Ohio,  I needed more flour than I expected to get the dough to “feel right”.
  • The altitude makes a difference.  I was used to making bread at around 1200 feet (375 meters) above sea level. …

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