Babcia’s Bread Experiment: a re-awakening

With how hot it’s been all summer, we’ve done no baking at all. It was simply too hot in the house to do baking and heat it up even more! Only recently did my daughter finally start baking some bread again.

Which means that our dough baby has been sitting in its flour, unused, for several months. That’s one beauty of using this type of dough starter; it doesn’t need to be regularly used and fed, the way a wet sourdough starter needs to be, and will just go dormant.

Last night, I woke it up! 😀

It really doesn’t look any different, once it was dug out of the flour.

The flour it was in, however, did look a bit different.

The dough baby has its own canister of flour, which had started to form a sort of shell around the dough. When I opened it, I could really get that sourdough smell, and it was as much in the flour as from the dough baby. I will be using this flour when doing the bread baking, as it is probably infused with yeast, too.

As dry as it was, the dough baby had lots of air pockets in it, making it easy to crumble apart.

I stirred in 2 cups of very warm water, then set it in a warm oven overnight, lightly covered. After a few hours, I checked it and decided to go ahead and cheat by sprinkling a bit of traditional yeast (not the fast acting type) and a bit of sugar into it as well, then swirling it about.

This is how it looked in the morning, after being stirred again.

That orange bowl really messed with the colour!

Anyhow, it was lightly bubbly by morning. After stirring it down, I added some of the flour from the dough baby canister.

I tried to get some natural light on there, so you can see the proper colour!

I broke up the flour as much as I could, but I’m not too worried about the lumps at this point. I added maybe a cup and a half of flour to get it to the consistency of a thick batter. It then went back into the warm oven for the sponge to develop.

It will take a long time for the sponge to develop without adding more commercial yeast, so bread baking with it is going to be an all day process, today! It’ll be checked regularly, but for this sponge stage, I figure it will take a few hours before I continue with the bread baking. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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