Things are really enjoying the rain we’ve had recently. Including the Ozark Nest Egg gourds.

I noticed that there were both male and female flowers blooming at the same time, so I decided to try hand pollinating them. The previous newly formed gourds have all withered away, so I hope these will take.

The problem is that by the time there are more male flowers blooming, the female flowers have already closed up. I opened the larger ones to pollinate, just to see if they will take. I had to do the same thing with the luffa gourds. We shall see if it works!

The gourds were not the only things to appreciate the rain.

These weren’t there when I walked past this branch pile, yesterday!

It’s amazing how quickly mushrooms can develop quite large, pretty much overnight!

The Re-Farmer

(ps: this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but my computer stopped responding and I had to shut it down. :-/)

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