Things are really enjoying the rain we’ve had recently. Including the Ozark Nest Egg gourds.

I noticed that there were both male and female flowers blooming at the same time, so I decided to try hand pollinating them. The previous newly formed gourds have all withered away, so I hope these will take.

The problem is that by the time there are more male flowers blooming, the female flowers have already closed up. I opened the larger ones to pollinate, just to see if they will take. I had to do the same thing with the luffa gourds. We shall see if it works!

The gourds were not the only things to appreciate the rain.

These weren’t there when I walked past this branch pile, yesterday!

It’s amazing how quickly mushrooms can develop quite large, pretty much overnight!

The Re-Farmer

(ps: this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but my computer stopped responding and I had to shut it down. :-/)

So many kittens!

As I go into the sunroom to get cat kibble and start my morning rounds, I usually see at least one cat waiting outside for me. Typically, it’s Potato Beetle, sometimes Butterscotch or Rosencrantz, and once in a while, I’ll see Broccoli or Nosencrantz near the door.

This morning, I saw a little tuxedo at the door!!!

Even Junk Pile’s kittens are figuring out where the food is coming from, and getting curious!

A couple of kittens had run off before I could take this picture. The kittens inside the kibble house with Potato Beetle (against the wall on the right) are tree of Butterscotch’s. The white tail tip shows that it’s Bradicous in the kibble house, which makes it Chadicous at the food tray outside the kibble house. There are actually three kittens there. You can see the tuxedo’s tail, Chadicous’ face and body, and behind Chadicous is one of Junk Pile’s tabbies.

While Nosencrantz will come to the kibble house as I bring the food out, in the end, Rosencrantz, Nosencrantz and Toesencrantz all prefer their separate kibble tray under the shrine.

I’ve been finding the tray on the ground every now and then. The skunks also like this tray, and pull it off the platform when it’s empty.

On a completely different topic, our lovely rains have brought out the ‘shrooms.

I love finding these tree mushrooms! Which should be oyster mushrooms, but I am not confident enough about that to try eating any. 😀

Today is supposed to be on the hot side, though well within average temperature, with no rain, so I hope to get more progress on the low raised bed today. Tomorrow we celebrated my mother’s 90th birthday early, so it’s either today, or I won’t be able to get at it until next week. Thankfully, these beds are for next year, so there is no urgency to get it done, yet.

The Re-Farmer

Things I saw today

Just a collection of pictures I took today.

The inside orange babies watching an outside orange baby!

This little buggers snuck into the sun room behind my back and got closed up in it! It wasn’t until I came out to give the cats some treats that I heard her plaintive meowing. She had jumped into a tall box we use to hold long-handled tools. She wasn’t too happy with my trying to help her out and went into an absolute panic. She did let me give her treats, and later on, I was even able to pet her while she was eating, so I think I am forgiven. 😀

I don’t know what’s more remarkable. The fascinatingly symmetrical pattern of holes on this leaf – or the fact that, of the thousands of leaves surrounding me at the time, I spotted this one immediately!

It’s the time of year for tree ‘shrooms!

Aside from having to cut the part that was around the one cable, I was able to remove this abandoned wasp nest completely intact. It’s now sealed in a bucket in the sun room. There is no sign of any wasps in it. Where the cable went through, I could see empty egg cases. Even the dead wasp I’d seen in the opening seems to be gone; likely fallen in between layers of paper below the opening. In fact, the only living thing I saw while taking it down was the big !#%$! spider the crawled out the top when I cut it loose from the box!

I’m not bothered by spiders, but I admit, that did make me jump a bit! 😀

The Re-Farmer

New Growth

I found some lovely new things growing this morning!

The first was the sudden appearance of these mushrooms on a dead tree.

They were not there, yesterday!

Meanwhile, my mother’s honeysuckle just exploded with flowers!

It is so good to have the rain, after last year’s drought!

The Re-Farmer


While bringing food out to the Pump Shack kitten this morning, something in the trees nearby caught my eye.

Some of the biggest tree mushrooms I’ve ever seen have shown up in just the past day or so!

They are bigger than my hand.

As I continued my rounds this morning, I kept an eye out. With the rain we’ve been having lately, I found quite a few more.

Some were quite high up, but large enough to spot quite easily. Others were hidden in holes in trees, but still large enough that I could spot them from below, even when high enough that I had to really stretch to get a photo!

Even another of the maple logs has sprouted a bunch!

These mushrooms are all growing only on maples. None on the elms, spruces, willows, etc. Just maples.

Except this one.

I almost missed it at first, thinking it was a pebble! The stump it is growing on is from an old spruce tree. This mushroom might be a puff ball mushroom. I haven’t seen one of those in many years! I used to see them quite often in one particular area, when I was a kid. My later brother and I used to have a blast, finding the ones that were ready to spawn and stomping on them, causing them to explode in clouds of spawn that would drift away.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this one to see if it really is a puff ball. I hope so.

The Re-Farmer

There are fungus among us

My apologies for the bad pun… 😀

Walking through the West yard, we noticed these, high above our heads…


This is on one of the three big maples near the fire pit.

They showed up very quickly; I know for sure they weren’t there, just a couple of days ago!

Looking around, we found these on another branch of the same tree.


That’s as much as I could zoom in with my phone’s camera and still get a half decent photo.

Of course, we immediately started looking around the other trees for more, but found none, so we continued on through where I had been working this morning.  We ended up going through the rest of the maple grove, too, and found more!


These were just a few feet above our heads.

Whatever these mushrooms are, they like maples, they like the spaces where branches used to grow, long ago, and they grow really fast!

The Re-Farmer